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456 pages - 2008 - Used, very good condition
Based very largely on the author's experiences, this classic novel describes what the airmen of the Royal Flying Corps ( R.F.C. ) have been through during the First World War.


Book cover finish Offset varnish, Perfect paperback
Special feature Reprint ( 4th Printing )
Condition Used, very good condition
Number of pages 456
Published date 2008
Language English
Size 14 x 21 x 4 cm
Author V.M. Yeates


" WHAT makes you think you think with your head ? " inquired Cundall, alluding to a remark of Williamson's. " If ever you get a bullet in your seat, I'm sure you'll find it very disturbing to thought. How could that be, if you think with your head only ? You might as well say that all business is done in London because that is the seat of government. What about the solar plexus, or Birmingham ; the liver, or Manchester ? What the liver thinks to - day, the brain thinks to - morrow. After all, the brain is only part of the body, and cerebration. is only part of thinking. Haven't you noticed that a fat man never thinks in the same way as a thin man ? "


The woman brought their eggs and chips and coffee and two bottles of wine, a Muscat and a claret, for their choice.


" One bottle'll be enough, won't it? " suggested Williamson.

" To start with anyhow. Let's have the Muscat ", said Allen.


Cundall addressed the woman. " Nous voulons le Muscat s'il vous plaît madame. " Madame was the proprietress of the tiny estaminet in the tiny village of Izel - le - Hameau. It was a mile or so from the aerodrome by the path through the fields.


Two gunner subalterns came in for a quick drink. " Hullo Flying Corps ", said one, " how's life? "

" Pretty quiet just now. The Huns have got wind up ", Williamson replied.

" Heard about this big push the Huns are supposed to be going to make any minute? " " Heard about it! " exclaimed Tom Cundall, " my God, we hear of nothing else. We're not particularly looking forward to it as we've got to go down and shoot it up when it does come. "

" Don't worry, " said the other gunner. " Personally I don't believe Jerry'll dare come over at all, but if he does all the Flying Corps'll have to do will be to count the corpses. " ( ... )


There is no bitter snarl nor self - pity in this classic novel about the air war of 1914 - 1918, based very largely on the author's experiences. Combat, loneliness, fatigue, fear, comradeship, women, excitement - all are built into a vigorous and authentic structure by one of the most valiant pilots of the then Royal Flying Corps. 

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