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208 pages - 2006 - Used, acceptable
This wonderful book, which is beautifully illustrated with photographs and three - view drawings, will tell you the story and the unexpected destiny of an iconic aircraft : the Lysander.


Book cover finish Offset varnish, Perfect paperback
Special features Numbered copy ( No. 8103 ), Dedicated copy, Reprint, Published for Mushroom Model Publications
Condition Used, acceptable
Number of pages 208
Published date 2006
Language English
Collection / Series ORANGE SERIES
Size 16 x 23 x 2 cm
Author James Kightly




When the Westland Lysander first flew it was something out of the ordinary, both in looks and in high and low speed performance ; ranging from 55 to 300 mph. The Lysander is also a unique aircraft technically. To this day it was the only production aircraft with fully automatic flaps actuated by aerodynamic slats. Conservative in its structure, it was innovative in its aerodynamic concept. Imaginative design resulted in an aircraft with a phenomenal speed range. Although a failure in its original role, the unexpected nature of the war it was engaged in meant that it was to find a niche in two unforeseen tasks ; air - sea rescue and dropping off or picking up agents from enemy - held territory, both of which will ensure the Lysander will not be forgotten.


( ... ) It was popular with ground crew and aircrew, and the pilot's position was a magnificent throne from which to aviate. ( ... ) Not able to operate successfully in war without the advantage of air superiority or the cover of darkness, it nonetheless managed to fill vital roles and undertake mundane tasks from the sub - zero snows of Canada to the dust, heat and monsoon rain of India. We will try to sketch in the background to the history of the Lysander, aiming to shine a light on some of the lesser - known areas of its career. We also will try to provide a detailed look at the type, of interest to the modeller, engineer, and we hope, pilot.

James Kightly

The biography will be soon available.

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