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VOICES in the AIR, 1939 - 1945

Product image 1VOICES in the AIR, 1939 - 1945
Product image 2VOICES in the AIR, 1939 - 1945
Product image 3VOICES in the AIR, 1939 - 1945
Product image 4VOICES in the AIR, 1939 - 1945
Product image 5VOICES in the AIR, 1939 - 1945
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Written by a R.A.F. fighter Ace, this fabulous book is a compilation of incredible stories of airmen ( from both Allied and Axis forces ) in their own words.


Book cover finish Offset varnish, Perfect paperback
Special feature Reprint ( First published as Wings of War in 1983 by Hutchinson & Co Ltd, this abridged edition published by Grafton Books in 1985 )
Condition Used Good
Number of pages 538
Published date 2003
Language English
Size 13 x 20 x 4 cm
Author Laddie Lucas
Editor Arrow Books Limited


A unique and enthralling anthology compiled by a Second World War flying Ace, Voices in the Air tells the story of the air battles of the Second World War in the voices of those who took part. Drawn largely on the writings of the combatants themselves from all sides of the conflict, this book offers a vivid and highly individual account of the great aerial campaigns of the Second World War.


From a thrilling account of the first sustained dogfight between Spitfire and Messerschmitt in 1940, to an eighteen - year - old Japanese suicide pilot's last letter home and the Luftwaffe leaders' analysis of " what went wrong " after the Battle of Britain, the book dramatically deals with every aspect of the war.


Full of stories of astonishing escapades, incredible bravery, dogged persistence and moving feats of arms, Voices in the Air honours both the sung and the unsung heroes of the war.

Laddie Lucas

Acting Wing Commander Percy Belgrave " Laddie " Lucas C.B.E., D.S.O. & Bar, D.F.C. ( September 2nd, 1915 - March 20th, 1998 ) was born in the old clubhouse at Prince's Sandwich Bay ( Kent, England ). He was educated at Stowe School ( Buckinghamshire, England ) and Pembroke College ( Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England ) where he read Economics. While at Cambridge, he captained the golf team, was the top amateur in the 1935 Open Championship and was considered the finest left - handed player in the world at the age of 19. 

After graduating from Cambridge, " Laddie " Lucas was interviewed by Lord Beaverbrook ( 1879 - 1964 ), the famous Canadian - British newspaper publisher and backstage politician, for a post on the Sunday Express. Impressed by the young man, he later hired him as a sports writer. " Laddie " Lucas remained with the Sunday Express until the outbreak of war ( September 1st, 1939 ), when he volunteered for the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve ( R.A.F.V.R. ). He then joined in 1940 and went to Canada to undertake flying training under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan ( B.C.A.T.P. ). 

After he received his wings ( as a fighter pilot ), he was then posted to No. 66 Squadron in August 1941. Throughout the Second World War, " Laddie " Lucas flew Spitfires on convoy patrols ( 1941 - 1942 ) ; served with No. 605 " County of Warwick " Squadron, R.Aux.A.F. ; commanded No. 249 " Gold Coast " Squadron ( arrival in February 1942 ) and fought during the Battle of Malta ( he had under his orders the famous Canadian Ace George F. " Screwball, Buzz " Beurling D.S.O., D.F.C., D.F.M. & two Bars, 1921 - 1948 ) ; was briefly assigned as aide - de - camp of the Duke of Kent ( Autumn 1942 ) ; served as instructor at the Fighter Leader School, R.A.F. Chedworth ( Gloucestershire, England, 1943 ) ; commanded No. 616 " South Yorkshire " Squadron, R.Aux.A.F., then the Spitfire Wing at R.A.F. Coltishall ( Norfolk, England, 1943 ) ; served as Staff Officer with Headquarters, Fighter Command, R.A.F. Bentley Priory ( near Stanmore, Greater London, England, 1943 - 1944 ) ; took over command of No. 613 " City of Manchester " Squadron, equipped with Mosquitoes ; then of No. 138 Wing, No. 2 Bomber Group, 2nd Tactical Air Force ( 2nd T.A.F. ) in North - West Europe ( 1944 - 1945 ). 

Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross ( D.F.C., July 1942 ), the Distinguished Service Order ( D.S.O., January 1944 ) and a Bar to his D.S.O. ( October 2nd, 1945 ), " Laddie " Lucas rose to the rank of Acting Wing Commander ( A/W/Cdr ). At the end of the war, he was credited with 1 confirmed aerial victory, 2 shared, 1 probable, 8 damaged and 1 shared. He resigned his commission in 1945. 

In 1946, he married Jill Doreen Addison ( 1921 ), the half - sister of Olive Thelma Enley Bader ( née Edwards, 1907 - 1971 ), first wife of the flying Ace with artificial legs : Douglas Bader ( 1910 - 1982 ). 

After the war, he was encouraged to get involved in politics as a Conservative. In 1950, he was elected as Conservative Member of Parliament for Brentford and Chiswick ( present - day Greater London, England ), and held the seat until 1959. He wrote a popular column for the Sunday Express, and authored several books on golf and airmen around the world, as well as an idiosyncratic but much - admired history of the Second World War Siege of Malta : Malta : The Thorn in Rommel's Side - Six Months That Turned the War ( 1992 ). 

" Laddie " Lucas died in Chelsea ( Greater London, England ), at the age of 82. 

( sources : Wikipedia,,,, Ciel de Gloire,, )

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