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U.S. ARMY AIRCRAFT, 1908 - 1946

Product image 1U.S. ARMY AIRCRAFT, 1908 - 1946
Product image 2U.S. ARMY AIRCRAFT, 1908 - 1946
Product image 3U.S. ARMY AIRCRAFT, 1908 - 1946
Product image 4U.S. ARMY AIRCRAFT, 1908 - 1946

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This is a fine and original publication, illustrated with photographs, about the United States Army aircraft ( fighters, bombers, trainers, gliders, etc… ) in service during the first part of the 20th century.


Format 24 x 16 x 0,5 cm
Nbr. de pages 64
Finition Brochure agrafée ( piqûre à cheval )
Année d’édition 1946
Langue Anglais
Etat du livre Bon état
Auteur James Charles Fahey


This publication catalogues the United States Army's airplanes, from the first flimsy pusher through the full roster of gasoline - engined models to the latest mentionable jet, turbo and rocket - propelled craft. Compiled from official documents and original source material, it delineates the development of each military type in tabular text and pictures, model by model, arranged chronologically or by builders in three sections covering the early years ; and numerically by model designation in the sections devoted to Numbered Types and Modern Models. U.S. ARMY AIRCRAFT accounts for the projects and model designations which were cancelled through the years, and forms, we believe, a comprehensive record of the designers and builders of American military airplanes and aircraft engines, their successes and failures, and their production achievements during two world wars.

James C. Fahey ( 1903 - 1974 ) was an American author best remembered as the original compiler and publisher of the popular American reference The Ships and Aircraft of the United States Fleet. He published a companion 64 - page reference booklet for one dollar in 1946 entitled U.S. Army Aircraft ( Heavier than Air ) 1908 - 1946, and subsequently, documented early Cold War developments in U.S.A.F. and United States Army Aircraft : 1947 - 1956.
( source : Wikipedia )
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