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Product image 1UNITED STATES AIR FORCE Yearbook 1998
Product image 2UNITED STATES AIR FORCE Yearbook 1998
Product image 3UNITED STATES AIR FORCE Yearbook 1998
Product image 4UNITED STATES AIR FORCE Yearbook 1998
Product image 5UNITED STATES AIR FORCE Yearbook 1998
Product image 6UNITED STATES AIR FORCE Yearbook 1998
Product image 7UNITED STATES AIR FORCE Yearbook 1998

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40 pages - 1998 - Used, good condition
Very well - illustrated with photographs, this magazine will tell you about the future of the United States Air Force, as well as its units, bases and aircraft in 1998.


Book cover finish Offset varnish, Perfect paperback
Special features First edition, Interlard, Insert, Original edition ( O.E. or Or.E )
Condition Used, good condition
Number of pages 40
Published date 1998
Language English
Size 22 x 30 x 0.32 cm
Author Authors’ collective
Editor The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund Enterprises


The Future of

the United States

Air Force


General Michael E. Ryan

Chief of Staff, United States Air Force


It is an honour for me to be part of the 1998 United States Air Force Yearbook and I thank the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund for its continued support of the Royal Air Force and the United States Air Force.


One of the most dramatic results of the Second World War was the emergence of airpower as a predominant instrument of national power and national defense. For the first time, force could be utilised from great distances to strike at another nation's heartland. Consequently, for a nation to be able to defend itself it needed to be able to protect the skies overhead.


( ... ) More than a half century later the ability of a nation or alliance to control and exploit the third dimension for international security is more evident than ever. In the intervening 50 years we have teamed woith our allies to use airpower to end suffering or fight oppression in places such as Berlin, Bosnia and Kuwait.


The unique capabilities of air and space power will continue to make it a primary instrument of global security in the 21st century. To prepare for the future, the United States Air Force developed a plan to move us into the next millennium - Global Engagement : A Vision for the 21st Century Air Force. Global Engagement emphasises the global and strategic nature of our Air Force and describes the core competencies we must maintain to meet tomorrow's challenges : Air and Space Superiority, Global Attack, Precision Engagement, Global Mobility, Information Superiority and Agile Combat Support.


Modernisation will be a key determinant in our ability to sustain these competencies. Our modernisation efforts currently focus on four areas :  global air mobility, long range bombers, theatre capabilities and space.


( ... ) Our modernisation programmes offers exceptional improvements in our capabilities and allows the United States Air Force, the Royal Air Force, and the Air Forces of our allies to help safeguard our homelands and bring stability to the world far into the future.


Michael E. Ryan

General, United States Air Force

Chief of Staff

Authors’ collective

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