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Product image 1U.S. CIVIL AIRCRAFT, Vol. 8
Product image 2U.S. CIVIL AIRCRAFT, Vol. 8
Product image 3U.S. CIVIL AIRCRAFT, Vol. 8
Product image 4U.S. CIVIL AIRCRAFT, Vol. 8
Product image 5U.S. CIVIL AIRCRAFT, Vol. 8
Product image 6U.S. CIVIL AIRCRAFT, Vol. 8
Product image 7U.S. CIVIL AIRCRAFT, Vol. 8
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Product image 9U.S. CIVIL AIRCRAFT, Vol. 8
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Product image 12U.S. CIVIL AIRCRAFT, Vol. 8

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350 pages - 1980 - Good
This interesting book, well - illustrated with photographs, is an encyclopaedia about civil aircraft manufactured in the United States between 1939 and 1948.


Book cover finish Leatherette finish, Headband, BRADEL, Hardcover ( square back binding )
Special features Dedicated copy, Damaged dust jacket
Condition Good
Number of pages 350
Published date 1980
Languages English
Collection / Series U.S. CIVIL AIRCRAFT
Size 19 x 29 x 3 cm
Author Joseph P. Juptner


This volume of " U.S. CIVIL AIRCRAFT " is part of a series, which when completed, will cover all civil airplanes given an " Approved Type Certificate " by the U.S. Government in the numerical series. " The Approved Type Certificate " ( A.T.C. ) was a stamp of approval by the Civil Aviation Authority ( C.A.A. ) and is actually a charter handed down for the birth of a specific aircraft model.


Vol. 8 covers one hundred airplanes manufactured prior, during, and after the " World War 2 " period ( 1939 - 1948 ) with A.T.C. certificates of #701 thru' #800. Included are such favorites as the Cessna " Airmaster ", the Bellanca " Junior ", the " Ercoupe ", " Cub Cruiser ", Culver " Cadet ", Stearman " Kaydet ", Fairchild PT - 19, the post - war offerings led off by the Aeronca " Champion ", Republic " Seabee ", the Stinson " Voyager ", Beech " Bonanza ", Ryan " Navion ", and the Piper " Vagabond " which was introduced as a real cheapie and turned out to be a real sweetheart. ( ... )

Joseph P. Juptner

Joseph Paul Juptner ( December 3rd, 1913 - January 3rd, 2000 ) saw his very first airplane, a decrepit OX - 5 Standard, in 1925 at the age of 12. Childlike, he enjoyed listening to pilots' wild stories about flying, and he washed down many oil - soaked airplanes in exchange for rides. Soon he graduated to " throttle - watcher ", and studied to be a mechanic, amateur airplane designer and builder, as well as a private pilot. 

During the Second World War, holding the rank of Staff Sergeant, Joseph P. Juptner was posted as Crew Chief to a U.S.A.A.F. Fighter Group. After the war, he became partner in a flying school operation, hobby shop operator, wind tunnel model builder, and experimental machinist. 

Always interested in airplane manufacture and aviation history, he amassed a valuable collection of historical data, books, magazines, and photographs on civil aircraft. Thus, Joseph P. Juptner compiled what can be called the " Family Tree of the A.T.C. ". 

In semi - retirement on his farm in Tennessee ( United States ), he continued his study of airplane manufacture in the United States. Returning to California ( United States ), he wrote several more volumes of the set that will be the most complete record of civil aircraft manufacture in the United States since 1925. Retiring in 1976, Joseph P. Juptner devoted full time to completing this series of books. 

( sources : U.S. CIVIL AIRCRAFT - Vol. 8,,, )

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