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The Zeppelin Story

Product image 1The Zeppelin Story
Product image 2The Zeppelin Story
Product image 3The Zeppelin Story
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This fine book, illustrated with some photographs, tells the story of one of the most famous lighter - than - air aircraft : the Zeppelin.


Format 23 x 15 x 3 cm
Nbr. de pages 239
Traduction Translated from the German by Peter Chambers
Finition Cartonné
Particularités Jaquette légèrement abîmée
Année d’édition 1955
Langue Anglais
Etat du livre Très bon état
Auteur Thor Nielsen
Editeur Allan Wingate Limited


Aviation book
THE ZEPPELIN STORY is unique in being the only complete episode in the history of Flight : that is to say, it has a beginning and an end. The beginning was in the year 1900, when the huge and clumsy brain - child of a remarkable old Junker aristocrat rose hazardously into the air above Lake Constance one autumn day. Graf Zeppelin watched anxiously from the enormous hanger at Friedrichshaven ; on the banks of the Lake stood young Hugo Eckener, an economist who was reporting the event for that famous newspaper, the Frankfurter Zeitung. His constructional criticisms were so pertinent that the old gentleman sent for him and made him his chief assistant. On that day a famous collaboration was inaugurated.
Though doomed, as the world knows the eventual failure, the Zeppelin airship was in its day far ahead of all other forms of flying machine ; ( ... ) a Zeppelin was sedately flying the Atlantic, with passengers sleeping comfortably in seperate cabins, dining in a modernist restaurant with white - coated stewards and listening to concerts on a Blüthner grand,...
( ... ) The end came, as everyone over the age of twenty - five remembers, with the catastrophe at Lakehurst, New Jersey, when the giant Hindenburg, the pride of Germany, burst into flames at its moorings, in full view of the news cameras of the world.
Fermer (esc)


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