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ShortDescription:This thick book, which contains such an amount of photographs, is a pictorial history of air forces in combat during the Second World War.


Format 29 x 22 x 3 cm
Nbr. de pages 352
Finition Hardcover ( square back binding ), headband
Particularités Damaged dust jacket, third edition
Aviation belge No
Année d’édition 1964
Langue English
Etat du livre Acceptable
Auteur Major Gene Gurney, U.S.A.F.


Airpower was still largely a matter of theory at the end of the First World War. While the airplane had been used in that conflict for reconnaissance, bombing and support to armies on the battlefield, the thousands of words written about it dealt largely with the aerial duels that took place in the skies over France. Even though airpower had minor effect on the course of World War I, there were men of vision in every country who recognized its vast potential as a decisive element in military action.
All through the 1920's and 1930's these men worked for better planes and larger air forces because they believed that airpower would play the key role in any future war. And they were right. From the moment the first Stuka dive bombers appeared over Poland in September, 1939, a new dimension had been added to modern war.
The years ahead would call for desperate fighting by ground and sea forces in all theaters of the global war, but in each campaign the air battle was a key factor in determining the outcome of the land and sea struggle.
THE WAR IN THE AIR, with vivid pictures and text, tells the story of the air actions which played a decisive role in World War II. Many of these actions were fought in conjunction with ground or naval forces. Others were independent air campaigns involving the strategic bombing of the war - making potential of the enemy. In Europe, Allied air power prepared the way for invasions. In the Pacific, it made invasion unnecessary.
Curtis E. LeMay
General, U.S. Air Force
Chief of Staff
Major Gene Gurney U.S.A.F.
Lieutenant Colonel Gene Gurney ( July 5th, 1924 - February 27th, 2011 ) was born in Freemont ( Ohio, United States ). He earned a B.S. in Military Science from the University of Maryland ( College Park, Maryland, United States ), an M.S., and Ph.D. in Government Administration from George Washington University ( Washington, D.C. ) and from Pacific Western University ( Hawaii ). He served in the Air Force for 30 years as command pilot with Strategic Air Command. His military career included arresting a German spy after the Second World War. He was awarded two Legion of Merit awards and two Bronze Stars. Gene Gurney has published 59 non - fiction books on various subjects such as military and aviation history, as well two encyclopedias entitled Kingdoms of Europe and Kingdoms of Asia. He retired in 1973 as Lieutenant Colonel and started his next career at N.A.S.A., Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt ( Maryland ). Gene Gurney retired in 2005 after 30 years of service, making 60 years’ service in total during his lifetime. ( source : )
The company was founded in 1933 as the Outlet Book Company by Nathan " Nat " Wartels ( 1902 - 1990 ) and Bob " Bob " Simon. Outlet Book Company began by featuring overstock and remaindered books, but soon moved into reprints of backlist, out - of - print, largely non - fiction titles, then into reprints of best - selling fiction and non - fiction, and eventually into original titles. It was under the Crown name that they began to publish original content in 1936. Crown Publishing Group had its headquarters at 225 Park Avenue South in Midtown Manhattan ( New York City, New York, United States ). The Outlet Book Company's Crown Books remained an independent company until 1988 when it was purchased by Random House. Random House received the space when it acquired the company. In 1990, Random House signaled intentions to sublease the space. In 2018, Crown was combined with Random House. ( sources : Wikipedia, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times )
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