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245 pages - 1971 - Used
This book is an exciting novel in which a British investigator is confronted to an aircraft accident in the jungle of Ceylon ( present - day Sri Lanka ).


Book cover finish Canvas finish, BRADEL, Hardcover ( square back binding )
Special features First edition, Dedicated copy, Dust jacket
Condition Used
Number of pages 245
Published date 1971
Languages English
Size 15 x 23 x 3 cm
Author David Beaty
Editor Martin Secker & Warburg Limited


An aircraft accident investigator waits at a Ceylonese airport for the routine jet aircraft back to London.


It never arrives.


Coming into land with eighty - one passengers it undershoots the runway and crashes close to a Hindu temple in the jungle, and all on board are killed. Was it the pilot error ? It suits the book of Reeves, the British station manager, to assume so ; and the same conclusion is jumped at thankfully by Mr. Seneratne, head of the Sinhalese Air Safety Bureau in Colombo, and Mr. Fonseca, head of the Ceylon Criminal Investigation Department. to believe it saved so much trouble.


But to Hannaker, the British investigator, matters were not so plain. From the start his intuition rang the bell of sabotage, and as he gradually uncovered a series of strange facts that appeared to be connected, intuition turned to near certainly. Certainly too that there would be another crash when the next bullion carrying plane approached to land.


( ... ) This is a story of vivid contrasts ; of East and West ; of past and present ; of ruined cities and jet aircraft ; of superstition and scientific truth ; of civilization and the jungle. And over all the fast - moving action hangs the honey - sweet scent of Ceylon's national flower - frangipani, the blossom of The Temple Tree.

David Beaty

Arthur David Beaty ( March 28th, 1919 - December 4th, 1999 ) was born in Hatton ( former Ceylon, present day Sri Lanka ). He was educated at the Kingswood School ( Bath, Somerset, England ) followed by Merton College ( Oxford, Oxfordshire, England ) where he read History and edited Cherwell, a student newspaper. 

Whilst at Oxford, the Second World War broke out prompting him to volunteer for pilot training with Oxford University Air Squadron. David Beaty was initially rejected by the R.A.F. pilot selection panel. Thanks largely to the support of his university tutors, he eventually passed selection and completed flying training, receiving a pilot grading of " exceptional ". 

Following flying training, he joined the Coastal Command, flying the Consolidated Liberator. He completed four tours with No. 206 Squadron and was rewarded with the Distinguished Flying Cross & Bar ( D.F.C. & Bar = two D.F.C.'s ). 

After the war, David Beaty was offered a regular commission with the R.A.F. However, he turned down the opportunity and joined B.O.A.C. where he was posted to the carrier's flagship route across the North Atlantic. His flying career with B.O.A.C. was short - lived. Soon, he took up writing on a full - time basis. 

David Beaty wrote 20 novels ( under the names Paul Stanton and Robert Stanton ) as well as some non - fiction books, such as : The Take Off ( 1949 ), Cone of Silence ( 1959 ), Village of Stars ( as Paul Stanton, 1960 ), The Siren Song ( 1964 ), The Human Factor in Aircraft Accidents ( 1969 ), The White Sea Bird ( 1979 ), The Complete Skytraveller ( 1979 ), Wings of the Morning ( with Betty Beaty, 1982 ), Light Perpetual : Aviators' Memorial Windows ( 1995 ). 

( source : Wikipedia )

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