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This huge book, which is illustrated with maps, is about the air and how it affects mankind's own existence.


Book cover finish Canvas finish, Headband, Hardcover ( rounded spine binding )
Special features Dedicated copy
Conditions Old, like new
Number of pages 457
Published date 1959
Language English
Size 17 x 25 x 5 cm
Author David I. Blumenstock

What's this all about?

( … ) Twelve years in the writing, The Ocean of Air illuminates that immense portion of the environment known as atmosphere. The author explores and describes the air from its most tenuous reaches - fringing on outer space - to the inmost few inches in which earth's microclimate governs the germination of seeds, the cycles of most life forms, and the entire balance of terrestrial nature. Winds, heat and cold, water, storms, the shaping of lands by the forces of climate and weather, all are brilliantly described.


Scientifically accurate, this book also tells the human story of man's attempts to describe, understand, and predict the weather, his few and essentially unsuccessful efforts to control it. Here, too, is a survey of how the ocean of air affects man's pursuits, his commerce, his wars, his weapons, and the whole scope and sweep of his history. ( ... )

David I. Blumenstock

David I. Blumenstock ( September 14th, 1913 - August 28th, 1963 ) was born in River Forest ( Chicago, Illinois, United States ). He attended  the University of Chicago ( Physics, Mathematics, 1935 ) and, after receiving the S.B. degree, he spent 2 years ( 1961 - 1963 ) as a teaching fellow in geography at the University of California ( Berkeley ), where he took his doctorate in geography ( climatology ) later. 

Thereafter David I. Blumenstock worked successively in several different fields of climatology and meteorology : 

- Research Climatologist, U.S. Soil Conservation Service ( 1936 - 1942 ). 

- U.S. Government, weather research ( 1942 - 1946 ).

- Naval Electronics Laboratory ( San Diego, California ) as editor ( 1947 - 1950 ).

- Rutgers University as lecturer, Department of Geography ( 1952 - 1955 ). 

- Consultant to U.S. Army Air Force ( intermittantly ). 

- Pacific Area Climatologist, U.S. Weather Bureau ( Honolulu, Hawaii, 1955 - 1961 ). 

- Pacific Science Board ( 1962 ). 

David I. Blumenstock had published several articles, and was the author of the following books as well : Rainfall Characteristics as Related to Soil Erosion ( U.S.D.A. Technical Bulletin No. 693, 1939 ), Synoptic Climatology of the Moscow Basin ( with Olga Ph. Prozorowski, 1956 ), Microclimatic Observations at Eniwetok ( with Daniel F. Rax, 1960 ). 

( sources : THE OCEAN OF AIR, )

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