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The Mustering of the Hawks

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This fantastic novel will take you into the fighter pilot's life during the First World War.


Book cover finish Hardcover ( rounded spine binding )
Special features Dust jacket
Conditions Used
Number of pages 256
Published date 1972
Language English
Size 14 x 21 x 3 cm
Author John Harris
Editor HUTCHINSON & CO. ( Publishers ) LTD

What's this all about?

In all his novels, the author has demonstrated not only superb ability as a storyteller but also his special gift for re - creating the period and setting of his plots. These talents are at their best in his recent novels about the early days of flying, of which The Mustering of the Hawks is the third.


He now takes his central character, Ira Penaluna, back to the First World War when, despite his youth and idealism, he is already a veteran flyer. In the forcing ground of aerial combat, when a pilot's life is reckoned at little more than three weeks, Ira grows up rapidly as he flies fragile fighters in that narrow strip of air over the trenches. He comes to terms with the realities of ever - changing warfare and, under the tutelage of an older, wiser pilot, he learns the special qualities needed for command.


Running through a vivid, well told narrative is the humour and fatalism of his fellow pilots - in action, on the airfields, and on leave.

John Harris

John Harris ( October 18th, 1916 - March 7th, 1991 ) was born in Rotherham ( South Yorkshire, England ). On leaving Rotherham Grammar School at the age of 16, he worked for the Rotherham Advertiser ( from late 1932 or early 1933 ) as a reporter, graduating to feature writing on the Sheffield Telegraph. Six months later he gave up the job and made his way to Cornwall ( England ). 

At the outbreak of war, John Harris volunteered to the R.A.F. and after a spell of flying ( which ended with six months in hospital ), he returned as a Corporal to active service on the sea in high speed launches ( Air Sea Rescue ), remaining with them until the end of the war, and serving in Africa and in the Channel. 

After the war, he rejoined the Sheffield Telegraph as a political and comedy cartoonist, and stayed until the mid - 1950's when, following the outstanding success of his 1953 novel The Sea Shall Not Have Them - later, in 1954, made into a film of the same name - he became a full - time author. He went on to write more than 80 works of fiction and non - fiction. He also wrote as Max Hennessy and Mark Hebden. 

Here are some of John Harris' books : The Lonely Voyage ( 1951 ), Road to the Coast ( 1959 ), The Unforgiving Wind ( 1963 ), The Errant Knights ( as Mark Hebden, 1968 ), Army of Shadows ( 1977 ), Soldier of the Queen ( as Max Hennessy, 1980 ), Pel and the Missing Persons ( as Mark hebden, 1990 ). 

( sources : Wikipedia, The Mustering of the Hawks )

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