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297 pages - 2013 - Used, mint condition
Through several amazing stories, the author talks about pilots ( mostly during the Second World War ) who have survived after bailing out over the water.


Book cover finish Offset varnish, Perfect paperback
Special features Dedicated copy, Reprint ( First published in 2012 by Sphere )
Condition Used, mint condition
Number of pages 297
Published date 2013
Language English
Size 13 x 20 x 3 cm
Author Danny Danziger
Editor Sphere


The members of one of the world's most unusual brotherhoods provide the answers in this incredible book. Formed during the Second World War to celebrate the survival of pilots who had been forced to bail out over water, the Goldfish Club has taken on new members ever since. They share one pivotal moment, but their experiences beyond this couldn't be more different.


( ... ) Thousands of pilots have bailed out over water. Those that survived formed a fellowship. This is their story.

Danny Danziger

Daniel " Danny " Guggenheim Danziger ( February 1st, 1953 ) was born in United Kingdom. He studied at Rollins College ( Winter Park, Florida, United States ), where he earned a B.A. ( Bachelor of Arts ). 

" Danny " Danziger started his career as a columnist for the Independent ( 1990 - 1995 ). After that he worked for the Daily Mail ( 1996 - 1997 ) and cofounded Cover, a monthly magazine based in London ( England, 1997 ), together with author and historian Robert Lacey. Since 1999, he works as a columnist for the Sunday Times

" Danny " Danziger was published in periodicals such as Birmingham Post, Booklist, Guardian, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, New Statesmen, Publishers Weekly, Scotsman, Sunday Telegraph, Times and Whole Earth. In addition to his articles, he has written and co - written several books, such as The Happiness Book ( compilation, 1980 ), Eton Voices ( interviews, 1988 ), The Year Zero ( history, 1989 ), The Orchestra : The Lives behind the Music ( interviews, 1995 ), The Year 1000 : What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium ( with Robert Lacey, 1999 ), 1215 : The Year of Magna Carta ( with John Gillingham 2003 ), We Are Soldiers : Our Heroes. Their Stories. Real Life on the Frontline ( 2010 ). 

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