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This interesting novel, for all enthusiasts, is about the Royal Flying Corps ( R.F.C. ), its men, its machines and their struggle to maintain air superiority against the Luftstreitkräfte ( German Air Force ).


Book cover finish Offset varnish, Perfect paperback
Special features First edition
Condition Good
Number of pages 128
Published date 1969
Languages English
Size 12 x 19 x 1 cm
Author Peter Saxon


The bright red of the Flight Commander's ribbons streamed from the main braces of Captain Frank Thompson's Sopwith Pup. It was his first command : an offensive patrol deep into Germany. Suddenly he saw the dark shape of a Hun Albatros far below in the enemy sky. Instinctively he knew it was a trap ; but young Cardew was caught in it - and the jaws were closing fast. Frank signalled the attack. Then he throttled back and half - rolled the Pup to pull out at the vertical.

Peter Saxon

Arthur Athwill William Baker ( October 3rd, 1925 - February 13th, 1991 ) was born in Cork ( Munster, Ireland ). He spent his childhood and his youth in Ireland. 

Arthur A.W. Baker then embraced the journalistic career and worked for several years as a reporter, before founding his own publishing house : Howard Baker Press ( which he headed for around 20 years ). 

After the Second World War and following his service in the Army, he used to travel a lot to the Far East, America and Europe as press correspondent, notably for Scandinavian and German magazines. He then settled in London ( England ) and accepted the position of Editor of Panthers Books Ltd. 

His literary career was marked by the successful collaboration to the Adventures of Sexton Blake, a character created by Harry Blyth ( using the pseudonym Hal Meredeth ) in 1893. 

Arthur A.W. Baker used to publish his fictions under many pseudonyms, such as William Howard Baker, W. Howard Baker, William Arthur, W.A. Ballinger, John Long, Desmond Reid, Peter Saxon and Richard Williams. 

Here is a short list of his works : The Man Who Know to Much ( 1955 ), Flight Into Fear ( as Peter Sexton, 1956 ), Murder with Variety ( as William Arthur, 1957 ), The Angry Night or Fire Over India ( 1960 ), Cult of Darkness ( as Desmond Reid, 1963 ), Departure Deferred ( as John Long, 1965 ), The Green Grassy Slopes ( as W.A. Ballinger, 1969 ), The Killing Bone ( as Peter Sexton, 1970 ). 

( source : Wikipedia )

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