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This well - documented book - which contains some photographs - tells the story of aircraft ( both airliners and bombers ) manufactured by the Boeing Airplane Company and others.


Book cover finish Canvas finish, Hardcover ( rounded spine binding )
Special features First edition, Slightly damaged dust jacket
Condition Very Good
Number of pages 236
Published date 1958
Languages English
Size 15 x 23 x 3 cm
Author Harold Mansfield
Editor ALLAN WINGATE ( Publishers ) Ltd.


THE CHALLENGE is a story of the conquest of the unknown. It is the human story behind the great adventure of the Twentieth Century - man's struggle to overcome the barriers of time and space.


The author saw, in the spectacular development of the aeroplane from stick - and - wire machines to swept - wing jets, the drama of progress, and has written his story of success, failure, and again success in a popular, non - technical style which reads like fiction. It is an account not only of the planes, but of the people behind them, of the men who had crazy notions and proved them right, men at drawingboards, men with joysticks. The central figures are the key men of one organisation - the Boeing Airplane Company - and others, in military services, airlines and in the Government, who shared their problems. ( ... ) it is a story of the struggles that have gone on in the minds of men seeking always to improve, to fly higher, faster, and to make the conquest of the air more certain. ( ... )

Harold Mansfield

Harold Mansfield ( April 18th, 1912 - ? ) graduated with honours from the University of Washington school of journalism, was editor of The University Daily, earned the Sigma Delta Chi professional journalism award scholarship award, and worked for three years as a reporter on the Seattle Post - Intelligence, before joining the Boeing Airplane Company in 1936. As Editor of Boeing Magazine and Director of public relations, he became intimately acquainted with the engineers and pilots who saw the aeroplane through the Second World War and into the jet age. 

Harold Mansfield also wrote a handful of books : Vision, A Saga of the Sky ( 1956 ), Space Needle USA ( 1962 ) and Billion Dollar Battle : The Story Behind the " Impossible " 727 Project ( 1965 ). 

( source : The CHALLENGE,, )

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