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This amazing book - which contains such an amount of photographs and a few wonderful cutaway drawings as well - depicts one of the greatest battle in the History of air warfare : the Battle of Britain.


Format 29 x 27 x 2 cm
Nbr. de pages 208
Finition Reliure collée
Particularités Jaquette légèrement abîmée
Année d’édition 1997
Langue Anglais
Etat du livre Neuf
Auteur Authors’ collective
Editeur Salamander Books Ltd.


Aviation book
By the Summer of 1940, the overwhelming might of the German Air Force had triumphed over Poland, Norway, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. As the fighters and bombers of the Luftwaffe amassed on the north west coast of Europe, they had no reason to believe that the heavily outnumbered Squadrons of the Royal Air Force ( R.A.F. ) would prove any more difficult to overcome than their earlier opponents. However, these illusions of invulnerability were soon to be shattered in whirling combats over southern England in the conflict that would be known as the Battle of Britain.
This unique volume tells the full story of the greatest air battle in History - the battle that shaped the future of the free world. A team of distinguished authors and historians describe the events leading up to the assault on Britain, and the history, structure and equipment of the protagonists. A detailed blow - by - blow account of the battle follows, while several key days are examined in exhaustive detail and illustrated by superb diaromas showing the ebb and flow of combat.
Finally, the exploits of the Aces of the R.A.F. are described, and in a tribute to the men that fought for freedom the complete list of aircrew that fought under the aegis of R.A.F. Fighter Command during the battle is included.
( ... ) This superb volume highlights how close - run was the eventual victory, and comes as a timely reminder of what was at stake in those dark hours of 1940.
Authors’ collective

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