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Product image 1THE AIR WAR IN EUROPE
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208 pages - 1979 - Used
This excellent book, well - illustrated with photographs and some colour illustrations, depicts the machines and the men that fought in the skies of Europe during the Second World War.


Book cover finish Headband, BRADEL, Hardcover ( square back binding )
Special features First edition, Slightly damaged dust jacket
Conditions Used
Number of pages 208
Published date 1979
Language English
Collection / Series WORLD WAR II
Size 24 x 30 x 2 cm
Author Ronald H. Bailey
Editor Time - Life Books Inc.


( … ) Caught in German spotlights, frantically dodging in and out of exploding " Flak " and hopelessly out of range of the protection of friendly fighter planes, bomber crews of ten men rode to and from their targets in the freezing belly of bomb - loaded planes. The mid - air collisions and confusion resulting from the sheer number of bombers in the air at once - sometimes as many as 1,000 - always added to the carnage coming from the muzzles of Messerschmitts and " Flak " guns. Many others crashed after mechanical problems - or Gremlins - dropped them from the skies.


Although there persisted to be innumerable ways to die in an airplane, the author mentions some who survived when death was imminent. ( ... ) Not so lucky were the unfortunate people living in the path of these bomber parades.


( ... ) The air battle for Germany was escalated with each new technological advance. Radar was refined, bombing sight perfected, aircraft range and speed increased and newcomers such as the American Thunderbolt and the German jet fighter added to the death toll. But it was the production that won the war. With their oil reserves almost depleted, the Germans sent up the last of their planes in a vain attempt to knock off the two - to - one edge the Allies had gotten over them in numbers. ( ... )

Ronald H. Bailey

Ronald H. Bailey ( October 14th, 1934 - ? ) is an author specialized in military history, and who has published books - mostly over this very subject - such as : Partisans and Guerillas ( 1978 ), Prisoners of War ( 1982 ), Forward to Richmond : McClellan's Peninsular Campaign ( 1983 ), The Bloodiest Day : The Battle of Antietam ( 1984 ). 

( sources : Internet, )

Time - Life Books Inc.
Time Life was founded in 1961, by Henry Robinson Luce ( 1898 - 1967 ), as the book division of Time Inc. It took its name from Time Inc.'s cornerstone magazines, Time and Life, but remained independent of both. Starting in 1967, Time Life combined its book offerings with music collections ( two to five records ) and packaged them as a sturdy box set. Throughout the 1970's and 1980's, the selection of books, music and videos grew and was diversified into more genres. When record labels were no longer producing vinyl albums in 1990, Time Life transitioned to CD. In the mid - 1990's, the company acquired Heartland Music, with the Heartland Music label now appearing as a brand. This company was subsequently sold off and is no longer associated with Time Life. At the end of 2003, Time Life was acquired by Ripplewood Holdings L.L.C. and ZelnickMedia Corporation to become part of Direct Holdings Worldwide L.L.C. Direct Holdings Americas Inc. operates as a leader in the sale of music and video products under the Time Life brand. Since 2003, Direct Holdings U.S. Corp. is the legal name of Time Life, and is no longer owned by its former parent Time Warner, later Time Inc. in June 9, 2014. In March 2007, Ripplewood led a group that took The Reader's Digest Association private and treated Time Life as a division of R.D.A. By 2003 onward, a disclaimer on the copyright stated that it is " not affiliated with Time Warner Inc. or Time Inc., " who owns the Time and Life magazines, which this company name came from. In 2013, Reader's Digest Association sold Time Life to Mosaic Media Investment Partners. ( source : Wikipedia )
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