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The Achievement of the AIRSHIP

Product image 1The Achievement of the AIRSHIP
Product image 2The Achievement of the AIRSHIP
Product image 3The Achievement of the AIRSHIP
Product image 4The Achievement of the AIRSHIP
Product image 5The Achievement of the AIRSHIP
Product image 6The Achievement of the AIRSHIP
Product image 7The Achievement of the AIRSHIP
Product image 8The Achievement of the AIRSHIP
An excellent illustrated history of rigid, semi-rigid and non-rigid airship development covering all major designs from the very early years up to the 1950s. Well-illustrated hardback in good condition.


Book cover finish Sewn paperback, Hardcover ( rounded spine binding )
Special features Dust jacket
Condition Very Good
Number of pages 296
Published date 1974
Language English
Size 14 x 22 x 2 cm
Author Guy Hartcup


A history of the development of rigid, semi-rigid, and non-rigid airships.


For about 200 years, man has sought means to fly. Although for over a century the free balloon was the only successful pioneer form of aircraft it was not until the development at the end of the nineteenth century of the internal combustion engine that manned flight became more predictable and less dependent on favourable winds. From the balloon came the airship, which, although  developed during the first two decades of the present century alongside what became conventional heavier-than-air winged craft, seemed at the time to be a potential rival to the ocean liner. Despite some success in military use during World War I as observation and bombing  craft, the ponderous, slow moving airship presented a good target to  ground forces and was clearly at a dis-advantage compared with more manouverable and faster aeroplane. With its long range potential the airship came into limited commercial use between the wars, but accidents, the ever present threat  of fire and explosion where hydrogen was used, vulnerability to bad  weather, uncertain viability, and, above all, the emergence of the conventional aircraft as the more practical machine, ...

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