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SEAWINGS : An illustrated history of flying boats

Product image 1SEAWINGS : An illustrated history of flying boats
Product image 2SEAWINGS : An illustrated history of flying boats
Product image 3SEAWINGS : An illustrated history of flying boats
Product image 4SEAWINGS : An illustrated history of flying boats
Product image 5SEAWINGS : An illustrated history of flying boats
259 pages - 1974 - Used, good condition
This book is a wonderful illustrated storytelling about seaplanes from 1910 until the early 1970s.


Book cover finish
Hardcover ( rounded spine binding )
Special feature Damaged dust jacket
Used, good condition
Number of pages
Published date
Language English
Size 19 x 27 x 3 cm
Author Edward Jablonski
Editor Robert Hale Limited


No airplane ever quite captured the romantic fancy of the American people the way the majestic " flying boats " did. At their peak, these seaplane blazed the way for transoceanic and intercontinental flight. In this book, the author traces the exciting rise and the abrupt decline of these uniquely beautiful aircraft. The era of the Amphibians was nearly enclosed by the two world wars - the first suggested the possibilities, while the second produced a series of aircraft that made them obsolete. But while they lasted, the amphibious provided the means to open up the Caribbean and Latin America to American flights, and then to stretch across the Atlantic and Pacific.
The author takes his readers into the cockpit with Charles Lindbergh, on the exploratory flights across the Caribbean, with Winston Churchill, piloting his own plane across the Atlantic at the height of Second World War, and with Howard Hughes, showing the world that his famous wooden " Spruce Goose " - bigger even than the 747 - would really fly. He includes portions of the flight log of these celebrated seaplanes helped make Pan American Airways and its leader, Juan Trippe, giants of commercial aviation.
Filled with fascinating anecdotes and extensively illustrated, Seawings will delight every reader who loves the air - or the sea, for it tells the story of the magnificent ships that conquered both.
Edward Jablonski

Edward Jablonski ( March 1st, 1922 - February 10th, 2004 ) was a Polish - American author of several biographies on American cultural personalities ( such as George Gershwin, Harold Arlen, Alan Jay Lerner and Irving Berlin ) as well as books on aviation history, such as Ladybirds : Women in Aviation ( 1968 ), Flying Fortress ( 1968 ) and Double Strike : the Epic Air Raids on Regensburg - Schweinfurt, August 17th, 1943 ( 1974 ).  

( source : Wikipedia )

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