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ROYAL AIR FORCE : The aircraft in service since 1918

Product image 1ROYAL AIR FORCE : The aircraft in service since 1918
Product image 2ROYAL AIR FORCE : The aircraft in service since 1918
Product image 3ROYAL AIR FORCE : The aircraft in service since 1918
Product image 4ROYAL AIR FORCE : The aircraft in service since 1918
Product image 5ROYAL AIR FORCE : The aircraft in service since 1918
Product image 6ROYAL AIR FORCE : The aircraft in service since 1918
Product image 7ROYAL AIR FORCE : The aircraft in service since 1918

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This magnificent book, which contains plenty of paintings, sketches and detailed texts, is about the R.A.F. aircraft in service since 1918 until the early 1980's.


Format 29 x 22 x 3 cm
Nbr. de pages 208
Finition Cartonné
Particularités Jaquette légèrement abîmée
Année d’édition 1981
Langue Anglais
Etat du livre Très bon état
Auteur Michael Turner and ’ Chaz ’ Bowyer
Editeur The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited


Aviation book
Royal Air Force : The Aircraft in Service since 1918 combines Michael Turner's paintings with a large number of comments and assessments by the men who actually flew the planes, to give the reader a highly personal impression of what they were actually like to fly. Together the artistry of Michael Turner and the many accounts of R.A.F. personnel of past and present make this a unique and fascinating record of the development of the Royal Air Force, of interest to air historians, members of the R.A.F. and laymen alike.

Michael Turner ( 1934 ) was born and raised within the suburbs of Harrow, Middlesex ( England, Great Britain ). During the Second World War, he became interested in aviation and aeroplanes of the Royal Air Force and drew aircraft in his school exercise books which infuriated his teachers. After the war, he developed an interest in motoring and motorsport when during his family holiday to the Isle of Man in 1947, they attended the British Empire Trophy Race.
After leaving school, Michael Turner attended an art college, followed by national service with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers for two years. His first job after national service was with a London advertising studio and he turned freelance in 1957. His artworks was shown regularly on the wall of the renowned Steering Wheel Club in London and many of these illustrations appeared on magazine and book covers. He is a founder member of The Guild of Aviation Artists, of which he has been Chairman on two occasions and is currently President, and is also a Honorary Fellow of the Guild of Motoring Artists.
Michael Turner counts racing drivers, teams, sponsors, pilots, motor and aircraft manufacturers, R.A.F. and Army messes, museums and private collections as his client lists and has hosted a number of solo shows all over the world, plus other specialist shows. Here are some of his published works : La vie d’un mécanicien ( with Melville Wallace, 1979 ), Formula One : The Cars and the Drivers ( with Nigel Roebuck, 1983 ), Luftwaffe Aircraft ( with Francis K. Mason, 1986 ) and Drawing and Painting Racing Cars ( 1999 ).
Raymond ’ Chaz ’ Bowyer ( September 29th, 1926 - June 18th, 2008 ) was born in Weymouth ( Dorset, England ). He was educated at high schools in Solihull and Nelson ( England ). ’ Chaz ’ Bowyer joined the Royal Air Force in 1943 at the age of 16 under the Aircraft Apprentice Scheme, based at R.A.F. Halton. The scheme had been instituted by Lord Trenchard to improve the supply of technically trained ground crew and its entrants were affectionately known as ’ Trenchard brats ’. He served for 26 years, became an instructor in explosives and armaments, and was stationed in Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Singapore, and Aden. He reached the rank of Sergeant before retiring in 1969 to pursue a career in aviation research and writing.
’ Chaz ’ Bowyer produced over forty books relating to the Royal Flying Corps, Royal Air Force and the Royal Naval Air Service, such as The Flying Elephants : A History of No. 27 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps - Royal Air Force, 1915 - 69 ( 1972 ), Sopwith Camel : King of Combat ( 1978 ), Mosquito Squadrons of the Royal Air Force ( 1984 ) and Royal Air Force, Calshot, 1913 - 1961 ( 1997 ). He was a life member of the Royal Air Force Association.
( source : Wikipedia )
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