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Roll Around a Point

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This very interesting book, well - illustrated with line drawings and diagrams as well, as been published by a skillful flight instructor for any trainee pilot who wants to learn everything about aerobatics.


Book cover finish Offset varnish, Perfect paperback
Special features First edition
Condition Good
Number of pages 104
Published date 1965
Languages English
Size 21 x 26 x 1 cm
Author Duane Cole




Why aerobatics ? It is a good question to which there are two simple answers. First, aerobatics are fun. Secondly, pilots trained in aerobatics are safer pilots by virtue of their knowledge of the adversities of the aircraft and smoother pilots because of improved coordination and feel of the controls.


( ... ) An airplane is designed to rotate around each of its three axes. Isn't it then reasonable to assume that a pilot trained to control an airplane throughout these rotations is a safer pilot ? Of course it is. It may happen only once in a life time, or once in ten life times, but pilots will inadvertently get their aircraft into unusual positions from which safe recovery is dependent upon their knowledge of aerobatics. It happened to me when I had 14,000 hours of flying time. ( ... )

Duane Cole

Rolla Duane Cole ( April 1st, 1914 - February 3rd, 2004 ) was born in Toulon Township ( Illinois, United States ). 

He earned his private license in 1938, followed by his commercial in 1939 and instructor in 1940. Duane Cole performed in his first airshow in 1940, followed by training cadets ( both U.S.A.A.F. and R.A.F. ) in the Civilian Pilot Training Program throughout the Second World War. 

He performed from 1947 - 1963 as part of the Cole Brothers Airshows along with his brothers Arnold, Lester and Marion, who remained in the business for many years flying a 65 hp clipped wing Taylorcraft BF - 50. 

Duane Cole left the airshow business in 1963 following the death of his son, Rolly, who was killed during airshow practice over a farm field practicing for the EAA fly - in held at Rockford ( Illinois ). The following year, Duane Cole was asked to produce and manage the Reno Air Races, which had been dormant for some years. He continued to produce the Reno races at least into the 1970's. 

In 1971, Duane Cole and his wife Judy established the Duane and Judy Cole Award to individuals that promote sport aviation with the first award given to Paul Poberezny ( 1921 - 2013 ). 

In 1974, he won the Aviation / Spacewriters Award for best book The Flying Coles

( source : Wikipedia )

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