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REPUBLIC P-47 THUNDERBOLT – The Operational Record

Product image 1REPUBLIC P-47 THUNDERBOLT – The Operational Record
Product image 2REPUBLIC P-47 THUNDERBOLT – The Operational Record
Product image 3REPUBLIC P-47 THUNDERBOLT – The Operational Record
Product image 4REPUBLIC P-47 THUNDERBOLT – The Operational Record
Product image 5REPUBLIC P-47 THUNDERBOLT – The Operational Record
Product image 6REPUBLIC P-47 THUNDERBOLT – The Operational Record
Product image 7REPUBLIC P-47 THUNDERBOLT – The Operational Record
Product image 8REPUBLIC P-47 THUNDERBOLT – The Operational Record
Product image 9REPUBLIC P-47 THUNDERBOLT – The Operational Record

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A generously illustrated and thoroughly researched tribute to the P-47 Thunderbolt. This heavyweight single-seater earned the nickname ‘the jug’ for its distinctive, rugged lines. The book provides a detailed operational record of the P-47.


Book cover finish Hardcover ( square back binding )
Number of pages 182
Published date 1998
Language English
Size 19.05 x 25.4 x 1.91 cm
Author Jerry Scutts
Editor Airlife Publishing Ltd.


Republic P-47 Thunderbolt the Operational Record The distinctive, rugged lines of this heavyweight single-seater quickly earned her the nickname ‘jug’, but what the Thunderbolt lacked in elegance she gained in strength and firepower. Alexander Kartverli designed this aeroplane for the US Army Air Corps as an interceptor fighter in 1940, her broad lines being necessitated by the dimensions of the 2,000-hp-Pratt & Whitney-Twin Wasp and its turbo supercharger.

Soon after America joined the war, the aircraft was employed as a long-range escort fighter, protecting B-17 Flying Fortresses and B-24 Liberators on their daylight raids over France and Germany. Three thousand nine hundred and sixteen enemy kills were recorded by the end of the war in its role as a fighter, but when the P-51 Mustang became available, its longer range made it more suitable for the escort task and a new ground attack flying war was to occupy most Thunderbolts for the rest of the war. At this they were superb, being able to carry bombs and eight machine-guns, attacking at 500 miles per hour in a hail of bullets and bomb bursts.

By the end of the war, they had accounted for the destruction of 6,000 tanks, 9,000 locomotives, 86,000 rail wagons and 68,000 trucks.


The Royal Air Force flew Thunderbolts in the campaign to recapture Burma from the Japanese invaders. Here again their role was principally ground attack, as was their use when many countries took advantage of the bargain prices for redundant aircraft when the war ended. Some of the air forces that have flown P-47s include those of France, Portugal, Italy, Iran, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba and China.15, 683 Thunderbolts were built in World War II, yet there are now only 54 airframes known to exist.

This book is a fitting tribute to that fine, rugged aeroplane.

Airlife Publishing Ltd.
Airlife Publishing Limited was founded on February 6th, 1976 and has its registered office in Crawley ( West Sussex, England ). The organisation's status is listed as " dissolved " ( November 19th, 2008 ). It had 6 directors at the time it closed. 20 - 49 people were employed at this company. ( source : )
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