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Well - illustrated with many photographs and maps, this beautiful book is a comprehensive record of the movement and equipment of all R.A.F. Squadrons and their antecedents since 1912.


Format 31 x 22 x 3 cm
Nbr. de pages 271
Finition Glued binding
Particularités Slightly damaged dust jacket
Aviation belge No
Année d’édition 1988
Langue English
ISBN 1 895310 053 6
Etat du livre New
Auteur Wing Commander C.G. Jefford M.B.E. R.A.F.
Editeur Airlife Publishing Ltd.


R.A.F. Squadrons is a major new reference work which for the first time accurately and comprehensively records the historical details of the R.A.F.'s basic fighting formations - its Squadron. The book also covers in detail the movements and operations of :
  • the units of the R.F.C. and R.N.A.S., the predecessors of the R.A.F.
  • the Allied and Commonwealth Squadrons fully integrated into the R.A.F.'s wartime command structure.
  • the flying units of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force.
  • the jointly - manned Army / R.A.F. A.O.P. Squadrons prior to 1957.
Twelve appendices serve as a unique reference point, with two of them, one keyed by aircraft type, the other by location, providing essential cross - references to the listing of each squadron's movements and equipment.
Another innovative feature of R.A.F. Squadrons is the presentation of a set of fifty - three maps on which are included over 2,500 locations mentioned in the text. As well as the relatively familiar U.K. airfields, it is now possible for the historian to locate all the aerodromes used by R.A.F. Squadrons in Europe, Africa and Asia, in times of war and in peace.
The information provided in this meticulously researched book is supported by over two hundred black and white photographs, many of which have not been previously published. These serve to enhance a book which will undoubtedly prove to be an essential reference work for every aviation historian.
Wing Commander C.G. Jefford M.B.E. R.A.F.
Wing Commander C.G. " Jeff " Jefford M.B.E. ( retired ) is the son of one long - service R.A.F. officer. (... ) Joining the R.A.F. in 1959 he began training as a pilot but quickly realised his mistake and became a navigator instead. His flying experience has included tours on Canberras, with No. 45 Squadron in Singapore, Vulcans with No.'s 50 and 83 Squadrons, and as an air navigation instructor with No. 6 F.T.S. ; in the process he has accumulated over 3,500 flying hours. Ground tours have involved administrative posts at Manby ( Lincolnshire, England ) and Gatow ( Berlin, Germany ), and staff duties at Strike Command H.Q., High Wycombe and, his current appointment, at R.A.F. Support Command's H.Q. at Brampton Park. Fascinated by aviation since boyhood, " Jeff " began to concentrate on squadron histories in 1967. This book represents the culmination of hundreds of hours of painstaking research, mostly among the original documentation held by the Public Record Office and the Air Historical Branch of the Ministry of Defence. The task has taken over twenty years to complete. Wing Commander C.G. " Jeff " Jefford M.B.E. has published some other books over both the R.F.C. and R.A.F., such as : The Flying Camels : THE HISTORY OF THE No. 45 Sqn, R.A.F. ( 1995 ), OBSERVERS and NAVIGATORS : AND OTHER NON - PILOT AIRCREW IN THE R.F.C., R.N.A.S. anf R.A.F. ( 2001 ), Royal Air Force Reserve and Auxiliary Forces ( as Editor, 2003 ). ( sources : R.A.F. Squadrons, amazon, )
Airlife Publishing Ltd.
Airlife Publishing Limited was founded on February 6th, 1976 and has its registered office in Crawley ( West Sussex, England ). The organisation's status is listed as " dissolved " ( November 19th, 2008 ). It had 6 directors at the time it closed. 20 - 49 people were employed at this company. ( source : )
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