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This beautiful book, reprinted from a copy, is a narrative of two aerial voyages : London - Kent ( November 30th, 1784 ) and England - France ( January 7th, 1785 ).


Book cover finish Canvas finish, Headband, Hardcover ( rounded spine binding )
Conditions Good
Number of pages 62
Published date 1971
Language English
Size 19 x 27 x 2 cm
Author John Jeffries
Editor Arno Press Inc.




The Writer of the following interesting Narratives, would have indulged his inclination of laying them before the Public, immediately after the events had taken place, ( the several curious particulars of which are therein recorded ) but they having been at that time honoured with the attention of Sir Joseph Banks, President of the Royal Society, who was pleased to think them worthy of being read before that illustrious Body ; on which account, he thought it his duty to submit them first to their inspection, that they might afterwards be ushered into the world under the sanction of those distinguished Judges and Patrons of philosophical Discoveries and Experiments.


A circumstance to flattering to the author, will, he hopes, be considered as a proper apology for retarding the publication ; especially, as the Manuscript was but lately returned to him ; it having remained much longer than he expected in the hands of the Royal Society ; and the Engravings annexed, could not be earlier completed.



John Jeffries

John Jeffries ( February 5th, 1745 - September 16th, 1819 ) was born in Boston ( Massachusetts, present day the United States of America ). He graduated from Harvard College ( Class of 1763 ) and obtained his medical degree at the University of Aberdeen ( Scotland ). 

Dr. John Jeffries played a large role in the trial for the Boston Massacre ( March 5th, 1770 ) as a witness for the defense. Between 1771 through 1774, John Jeffries was a surgeon on board a Squadron of British ships in Boston Harbor and helped the wounded British soldiers at the Battle of Bunker Hill ( American Revolutionary War, June 17th, 1775 ). 

He is credited with being among America's first weather observers. He began taking daily weather measurements in 1774 in Boston. 

He then fled to Halifax ( Nova Scotia, present day Canada ) in 1776 and later to England ( 1779  ), and was employed by the Crown during this time. 

In 1785, John Jeffries and Jean - Pierre Blanchard ( 1753 - 1809 ) crossed the English Channel in a balloon, becoming the first human beings to cross the Channel by air. 

John Jeffries lived in England from 1779 to 1790. Despite being named in the Massachusetts Banishment Act, he returned to private practice in Boston, staying there until his death. 

( source : Wikipedia )

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