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PHOTO : Boeing KC - 97L Stratofreighter 367 ( 53 - 280, 0 - 30280 ) of the Missouri Air National Guard ( U.S.A.F. )

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KC - 97L - Early 1970s - Used, acceptable
This is a photograph that depicts the Boeing KC - 97L Stratofreighter 367 ( 53 - 280, 0 - 30280 ) operated by the 180th Air Refueling Squadron ( Missouri Air National Guard ).


Special features Printed on paper manufactured by Kodak, 42 ESC RECCE BAF stamp ( in Dutch, French and English ), Two pieces of the top layer of the paper are missing ( lower left corner )
Condition Used, acceptable
Date Early 1970s
Size 22.18 x 22.3 cm
42 ESC RECCE BAF - M.F.P.U. ( Eng. )


Today, we offer for sale this fine and unusual photograph that depicts the Boeing KC - 97L Stratofreighter 367 ( 53 - 280, 0 - 30280 ) operated by the 180th Air Refueling Squadron ( 139th Air Refueling Group, Missouri Air National Guard ).


The KC - 97 Stratofreighter was an aerial refueling tanker variant of the C - 97 Stratofreighter ( which was itself based on the Boeing B - 29 Superfortress ), greatly modified with all the necessary tanks, plumbing, and a flying boom. The cavernous upper deck was capable of accommodating oversize cargo accessed through a very large right - side door. In addition, transferable jet fuel was contained in tanks on the lower deck ( G - L models ). Both decks were heated and pressurised for high altitude operations.


The U.S.A.F. began operating the KC - 97 in 1950. It purchased a total of 811 KC -97s from Boeing, as opposed to only 74 of the C - 97 cargo version. In 1956, the Strategic Air Command began phasing out its KC - 97s in favor of the KC - 135 Stratotanker. KC - 97s continued flying with Tactical Air Command, the Air Force Reserve and the Air National Guard.


In 1969, military requirements resulted in a change in mission when the 180th Airlift Squadron was reassigned from Military Airlift Command ( M.A.C. ) transport duties to Strategic Air Command ( S.A.C. ). Under S.A.C., the Squadron became an air refueling unit ( 180th Air Refueling Squadron ), being equipped with the air refueling version of the C - 97 cargo, the KC - 97. Familiarity with the aircraft led to a smooth transition from M.A.C. to the new refueling mission. It supported the United States Air Forces in Europe flying aerial refueling missions in the KC - 97 supporting missions of deploying aircraft to N.A.T.O. for tactical exercises. In 1976, the KC - 97s were retired by S.A.C. and the unit returned to M.A.C. as its gaining command. The 180th was re - equipped with Lockheed C - 130A Hercules tactical airlifters and returned to its transport mission.


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42 ESC RECCE BAF - M.F.P.U. ( Eng. )

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