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In the immediacy of its impact, and the startling clarity of its descriptive detail ( throughout the Congolese Civil War ), this book grips the reader like a Hitchcock thriller.


Book cover finish Canvas finish, Hardcover ( rounded spine binding )
Special features Dedicated copy, Slightly damaged dust jacket
Conditions Old, like new
Number of pages 255
Published date 1970
Language English
Size 14 x 21 x 3 cm
Author Charles Kearey & Carel Birkby

What's this all about?

All civil wars are savage, but few, if any, can have equalled the Congolese in its ferocity. To John Gibson, however, a former R.A.F. pilot finding it hard to make both ends meet in South Africa, £1500 a month for flying missions with Tshombe's Air Force seemed a handsome recompense for the risks involved. When his war - time friend, Tubby Sanders, threw in the additional bait of a cache of germanium worth some £200,000 awaiting rescue in the jungle, Gibson's last doubts were resolved. And so he was plunged into the brutal inferno of war in Katanga. ( ... )

Charles Kearey & Carel Birkby

Charles Sydney Kearey ( 1916 ) was born in Durban ( present day KwaZulu - Natal, South Africa ). Moving to the United Kingdom, he served in the Royal Air Force ( R.A.F. ) as a pilot in No. 211 Squadron ( June 30th, 1937 - April 1938 ). Then, he travelled to Egypt and was posted to No. 14 Squadron at Amman ( Trans - Jordan ). 

Resigning on June 25th, 1939, he was seconded to the South African Air Force ( S.A.A.F. ). In January 1945, Major Charles S. Kearey was awarded the Air Force Cross. 

When peace came, he led an equally adventurous life, operating Halifaxes between Rome and Palestine for the Jewish forces and later flew aircraft for ex - president Moïse Kapenda Tshombe in the Congo Civil War. He was also an Imperial Airways captain and later pilot for the South African airline Comair. 

Charles S. Kearey has published a handful of books, such as : Overload ( with Charles S. Kearey, 1970 ), Last Plane from Uli ( 1972 ). 

( sources : The Black Box, )

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