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This fascinating book, which contains some photographs, is the enthralling account of the first men to set foot on the moon, with the triumph of Apollo 11.


Format 18 x 11 x 2 cm
Nbr. de pages 237
Finition Broché
Particularités Tampon
Année d’édition 1969
Langue Anglais
Etat du livre Bon état
Auteur Peter Fairley
Editeur Mayflower Books Ltd.


Aviation book
IS THE STORY OF MAN'S BID TO CONQUER SPACE, from the days of ancient mythology up to the moment when the first men to land on the moon returned home to earth.
THE AUTHOR'S book is a vivid account of both the American and the Soviet space programmes.
IT OPENS with a dramatic hot - news account of the first lunar landing, what the lunarnauts discovered and what they brought back.
IT DESCRIBES how 400,000 people and 20,000 Americans firms were brought together to tackle the most complex engineering problem ever presented to man - the construction of rockets bigger than naval destroyers, spaceships containing millions of parts, and the training of men who had to perform perfectly in conditions where one false move could resut in instant death.
AND IT LOOKS AHEAD to the future...

Peter Fairley ( November 2nd, 1930 - August 5th, 1998 ) was born in Kuala Lumpur ( Malaysia ) from British parents. His father was a telecommunications engineer. He attended Sutton Valence School ( Kent, England ) and Sidney Sussex College ( Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England ).
Peter Fairley was then the science correspondent for the London Evening Standard and made numerous radio broadcasts in the 1960's. He was also a familiar face to ITV's younger viewers with regular appearances on Magpie and the children's science fiction series Timeslip as well as science articles in ITV's children's magazine Look - in, and writing books on popular science. Peter Fairley is Science Editor of Independent Television News, TV Times and Capital Radio. His name became synonymous with ITN's extensive live coverage of the Apollo moon landing missions. Archive material collected by Peter Fairley during his coverage of space missions became the basis of the Fairley Archive of Space Exploration ( F.A.S.E. ).
He has been reporting science and medicine for more than twenty years, and has written ten books. In 1968, he was chosen as Science Writer of the Year and awarded a Glaxo Travelling Fellowship ; the award was used to finance the travelling needed to research his book : The Conquest of Pain ( 1978 ). Peter Fairley calls pain :

’ The most fascinating and possibly the most important subject I have ever tackled. ’

He died of cancer aged 67.
Here are some of the books he has published : Magpie's ABC of Space ( 1969 ), Project X : the exciting story of British invention ( 1970 ), Peter Fairley's Space Annual ( 1970 ).
( sources : Wikipedia, )
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