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Historic Airships

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This fine book, which contains photographs as well as a handful of cutaway drawings and illustrations, will tell you the story of airships from the origins until the late 1930's.


Format 34 x 25 x 2 cm
Nbr. de pages 69
Finition Cartonné
Particularités Jaquette
Année d’édition 1973
Langue Anglais
Etat du livre Très bon état
Auteur Peter W. Brooks
Editeur Hugh Evelyn Limited


Lighter - than - air human flight was achieved 120 years before the aeroplane. The first balloons of the eighteenth century evolved into tentative dirigibles during the nineteenth. The first airships had fabric envelopes like balloons and kept their shape from the pressure of the contained gas. Rigid airships, which had their lifting gas contained in numerous cells enclosed within a framework, were the only type which might have successfully competed with aeroplanes.
This book describes and illustrates in great detail some of the most significant types of airship. The story is a fascinating case history in the advance of technology and provides many examples of the diverse and often unexpected factors which govern research and development in a new field. Although unfortunate, the history of the airship also contains some relevant lessons for future development programmes.

Peter W. Brooks is an author specialised in aviation. He has written several books such as The Modern Airliner : Its Origins and Development ( 1961 ) and Cierva Autogiros : Development of Rotary Wing Flight ( 1988 ).
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