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HEAVENLY ADVENTURER : Sefton Brancker and the Dawn of British Aviation

Product image 1HEAVENLY ADVENTURER : Sefton Brancker and the Dawn of British Aviation
Product image 2HEAVENLY ADVENTURER : Sefton Brancker and the Dawn of British Aviation
Product image 3HEAVENLY ADVENTURER : Sefton Brancker and the Dawn of British Aviation
Product image 4HEAVENLY ADVENTURER : Sefton Brancker and the Dawn of British Aviation

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This wonderful book, which contains some photographs, is the story of A.V.M. Sir William Sefton Brancker and his substantial contribution to the development of British Aviation.


Book cover finish Canvas finish, Hardcover ( rounded spine binding )
Special features First edition, Missing dust jacket, Handwritten notes
Condition Good
Number of pages 242
Published date 1959
Languages English
Size 15 x 23 x 3 cm
Author Basil Collier





Towards the end of the year when Edward VII drank his  last pint of champagne and Louis Paulhan won £10,000 by flying from London to Manchester, an indomitable business - man from Bristol stepped on to the quayside at Calcutta. His name was Farnall Thurstan. He came in the halcyon days of an Indian winter to preach tidings of the splendid future that awaited converts to the newest of transport.


Whether customers were to be expected among native potentates or in government circles was not clear even to himself. Armed only with vague instructions from his firm and knowing nothing of India, he lacked everything needed for his task except resourcefulness, three box - kite aeroplanes packed in crates, and the services of two mechanics and an able young pilot named Henri Jullerot.


The arrival of this odd party aroused more curiosity than enthousiasm among officials chiefly concerned with their Christmas mail. As visionaries tainted with commercialism the newcomers were doubly suspect in quarters where new - fangled notions were no more welcome than  reminders that trade was the source that enabled the more fortunate members of the garrison to play polo.


Nevertheless the coming of the first aeroplanes to India was an event. ( ... ) 


Excerpt from page No. 9.

Basil Collier

John Basil Collier ( June 29th, 1908 - 1983 ) was born in Westcliff - on - Sea ( Southend - on - Sea, Essex, England ). 

He was in the R.A.F. ( 1940 - 1948 ) as a staff officer in Fighter Command until 1944. He worked in the Fighter Command H.Q.'s Underground Operations Room and handled secret Ultra material from Bletchley Park ( Buckinghamshire, England ). John B. Collier assembled information about German long - range weapons, going to France and Belgium in late 1944, to investigate captured sites. 

From 1944 to 1945, he was at S.H.A.E.F. Headquarters in Versailles ( France ). At the end of the war in Europe, he was appointed Air Historical Officer, Fighter Command. 

After leaving the R.A.F. in 1948, he went to the Cabinet Office as a historian and wrote the official history volume The Defence of the United Kingdom ( 1962 ). 

Since 1957, John B. Collier has been a freelance writer on military topics, such as : Brasshat : A biography of Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson ( 1961 ), The Battle of Britain ( 1962 ), The Battle of the V - Weapons, 1944 - 1945 ( 1964 ), The Lion and the Eagle : British and Anglo - American Strategy, 1900 - 1950 ( 1972 ), Japanese Aircraft of World War II ( 1979 ). 

( source : Wikipedia )

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