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222 pages - 1984 - Used, very good condition
This wonderful book, beautifully illustrated with photographs, is a cheerful account of development of aviation, from the early days to the post - war era ( after 1945 ).


Book cover finish Canvas finish, Bradel, Hardcover ( rounded spine binding )
Special features First edition, Dust jacket
Condition Used, very good condition
Number of pages 222
Published date 1984
Language English
Size 15 x 23 x 3 cm
Author Group Captain Edward Mole
Editor Airlife Publishing Ltd.




I was born three years after the Wright Brothers in America made their first historic flights in a powered aeroplane, and two years before Colonel Cody made the first sustained aeroplane flight in Britain. Consequently, I am fortunate to have lived throughout the whole era of powered flight and to have witnessed the development of the aeroplane from its very earliest days. As an active pilot for some fifty years, I have flown 148 different types of aircraft starting with the Avro 504 and Bristol Fighter of the First World War vintage, right through the Golden Age of Flying in the 1930's, to Spitfires, Hurricanes and other aircraft of the Second World War period, and thence into the jet age.


My earlier reminiscences as a young man as described in this story, may be thought to be rather too light - hearted - especially some of the flying incidents. I do hope, however, that I have been able to convey some idea of the cheerful life in the pre - war R.A.F. when flying was fun and we did not seem to have a care in the world.


With the advent of years and the weight of responsibilities, the story naturally becomes more serious. Before starting on the flying experiences, I would crave my reader's patience to allow me to start these reminiscences from the beginning, from early boyhood through the stage of a wild and rather wayward youth, until events steered me into aviation as a career.


Group Captain Edward Mole

Group Captain Edward Lucas Mole B.Sc. ( August 12th, 1906 - July 1997 ) was born in Birmingham ( West Midlands, England ). 

He was educated at King Edward's School ( Birmingham ) and Birmingham University. Edward L. Mole then became a Junior Scientific Officer at the Royal Aircraft Establishment ( R.A.E. ) in Farnborough ( Hampshire, England ). 

In 1929, he was commissioned in the Royal Air Force ( R.A.F., 192829 ). As one of the pionneers of the British gliding movement, he held the Certificate No. 6. In 1931, he won the British Endurance gliding record ( 6 hours and 10 minutes ). The same year, he performed the longest British aero towed glider flight ( London - Blackpool ) and returned with a passenger. 

In 1932, Edward D. Mole participated in gliding demonstration during the Royal Air Force Display ( previously known as the R.A.F. Pageant ) at R.A.F. Hendon ( London, England ). Still in 1932, he broke the British gliding height record of 1450 feet in Yorkshire ( England ). He then has been posted to No. 2 ( A.C. ) Squadron ( Army Co - operation ) at R.A.F. Manston ( near Ramsgate, Kent, England ). 

During the Second World War, he was closely connected with the technical development of military gliders which were used so successfully by British Airborne Forces. After D - Day, Edward L. Mole was seconded to B.O.A.C. as Manager of their Development Flight, newly established to test the planned range of post - war civil airliners on their routes. He later joined the National Gas Turbine Establishment at Farnborough as R.A.F. Representative responsible for liaison between Technical Staff and R.A.F. Squadrons then becoming equipped with jet aircraft. 

After retirement from the R.A.F., he was appointed Director of Civil Aviation in the Bahamas in charge of Nassau International Airport. Subsequently he started his own aviation consultancy business in London ( England ). 

Group Captain Edward L. Mole B.Sc. passed away in Lambeth ( Greater London, England ), at the age of 91. 

( sources :,,, Wikipedia, Happy landings )

Airlife Publishing Ltd.
Airlife Publishing Limited was founded on February 6th, 1976 and has its registered office in Crawley ( West Sussex, England ). The organisation's status is listed as " dissolved " ( November 19th, 2008 ). It had 6 directors at the time it closed. 20 - 49 people were employed at this company. ( source : )
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