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Ground Attack

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This lovely book - which contains many photographs as well as some colour illustrations and tactical layouts - depicts the various aircraft used for ground attack by both the Allies and the Germans during the Second World War.


Book cover finish Hardcover ( square back binding )
Special features Laminated cover, First edition
Condition Acceptable
Number of pages 72
Published date 1976
Languages English
Collection / Series THE MECHANICS OF WAR
Size 21 x 22 x 2 cm
Author Christopher Chant
Editor Almark Publishing Co. Ltd.


The use of aircraft as " flying artillery " is not new. Fighters were used in the First World War for trench straffing, but it was during the Second World War that they became a vital fourth part of the action fought by the land arms of the artillery, armour and infantry. In Spain in 1937 the Germans first used the Ju 87 " Stuka " dive bomber and it dominated ground attack for the first three years of the Second World War. The Allies, however, learnt fast, and as the war changed they introduced their own aircraft and tactics. The Russians flew their Shturmovik armoured fighter - bombers in the " Circle of Death ", while the British employed Typhoons in tactics with the innocent name of a " Cab Rank ". But whatever the name or the aircraft, the effect was to paralyse movement, pulverise guns and vehicles and leave men stunned by an attack which was both sudden and devastating.

Christopher Chant

Christopher Chant ( December 5th, 1945 ) was born at Adlington Hall near Macclesfield ( Cheshire, England ). He spent most of his early childhood in East Africa, where his father was an officer in the Colonial Service. Aviation in particular and military matters in general have been a passion ever since he was given his first model aeroplane kit at about the age of 11. 

Christopher Chant returned to the United Kingdom for his secondary education at The King’s School ( Canterbury, Kent, England, 1959 - 1964 ) and then higher education at Oriel College ( Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, 1964 - 1968 ). At Oxford, he gained his degree in Literae Humaniores ( otherwise known as " Greats " and involving Greek and Latin language, ancient history and philosophy ), and was also heavily involved in various aspects of his college’s rowing club as an oarsman and coach. 

After taking his degree, Christopher Chant moved to London ( England ) as an Assistant Editor on the Purnell partworks History of the Second World War ( 1968 - 1969 ) and History of the First World War ( 1969 - 1972 ), and on the completion of the latter he moved to Orbis Publishing as Editor of the partwork World War II ( 1972 - 1974 ). As this partwork approached its conclusion, he decided on a half - shift of career direction to become a freelance writer and editor. 

Settled in Sutherland ( Scotland ) since the early 2000's, he continue to write extensively on military and aviation subjects, and have also contributed as editor and writer to the partworks The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aircraft, War Machine, Warplane, Take - Off, World Aircraft Information Files and World Weapons, and to the magazine World Air Power Journal

In more recent years, he became involved in the creation of a five - disk CR - ROM series covering the majority of the world’s military aircraft from World War I to the present, and also in the writing of scripts for a number of video cassettes, TV programmes and DVD programmes. 

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