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Beautifully illustrated with such an amount of photographs, this fantastic books is a pictorial history of the United States Navy and Marine Corps in the Air ( from the beginning to 1960 ).


Format 32 x 24 x 3 cm
Nbr. de pages 232
Finition Hardcover ( square back binding )
Particularités Damaged dust jacket, dedicated copy
Aviation belge No
Année d’édition 1960
Langue English
Etat du livre Old, like new
Auteur Martin Caidin


Here for the first time is a pictorial history of the United States Navy and Marine Corps in the air. It is a saga of men and machines in war and peace, and of the emergence of airpower as the dominant force in the modern Navy. The whole story is here, from the earliest beginnings to Polaris and the supercarriers, with almost half the book devoted to the Second World War.
( ... ) GOLDEN WINGS is unsurpassed in its field. It is the result of a three - year search for the best possible photographs. ( ... ) Some of the four hundred photographs included in the book are published here for the first time.
( ... ) Photographs, captions, and the 60,000 words of text are co - ordinated in a superb layout to make GOLDEN WINGS another of the author's major contributions to the literature of the conquest of the air.
Martin Caidin

Martin Caidin ( September 14th, 1927 - March 24th, 1997 ) was born in New York City ( New York, United States ). At the age of 15, he lived on his own in New York, where he met the astronomer Carl Sagan ( 1934 - 1996 ). 

Martin Caidin began writing fiction in 1957. His best - known novel is Cyborg, which was the basis for The Six Million Dollar Man franchise. Some other books with movie tie - ins include The Final Countdown and novels featuring adventure - archaeologist Indiana Jones : Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates ( 1993 ) and Indiana Jones and the White Witch ( 1994 ). 

During 1961, Martin Caidin was one of the pilots of a formation flight of Boeing B - 17 Flying Fortresses across the Atlantic Ocean, likely the last such flight, from the United States to England via Canada, the Azores and Portugal. He recounted this journey in his book Everything But The Flak

Martin Caidin bought and restored to full airworthiness the oldest surviving Junkers Ju 52 aircraft ( Ju 52 / 3m, Serial No. 5489 ) which he named " Iron Annie ". He was pilot - in - command of " Iron Annie " on November 14th, 1981, when 19 people walked on one of its wings, a world record. After touring extensively among shows of vintage military aircraft, or warbirds, " Iron Annie " was sold to Lufthansa in 1984. 

Additionally, Martin Caidin wrote an aircraft manual for the Messerschmitt Bf 108, which has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration as the standard manual for the plane, and twice won the Aviation / Space Writers Association Award for the outstanding author on aviation. Martin Caidin also established a company with the purpose of promoting aeronautics to young people. 

( source : Wikipedia )

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