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188 pages - 1975 - Used, mint condition
Through this novel, an ex - R.A.A.F. pilot finds himself forced to fly military missions against the Indonesian Army, and engaged to airlift some men in the high mountains… because of a treasure.


Book cover finish Canvas finish, Bradel, Hardcover ( square back binding )
Special features First edition, Slightly damaged dust jacket
Condition Used, mint condition
Number of pages 188
Published date 1975
Language English
Size 14 x 21 x 3 cm
Author J.R. Daniels


The book says all sorts of things about forced landings, but most of the time it assumes some handy field is within striking distance. Otherwise, it tends to repeat the famous advice to those about to be married : don't. I didn't want to but it was too low to jump even if the aircraft had been likely to stay trimmed while l made it to the door.


Thus Peter White, ex - R.A.A.F. pilot turned arms - runner, arrives unwillingly in the central highland jungles of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Brought face to face with the men on the ground, he soon finds himself forced to fly military missions against the Indonesian Army.


The men who engage Peter to fight and kill are not guerrillas. Something quite different is at stake - avast  treasure buried close to volcanic lakes in the high mountains. Towards this inaccesible place move separate groups of people bent on grabbing the treasure. Access is by aircraft and by the torrential, precipitous river. Peter is to experience the hazards of both, and to make a desperate passage down the torrent with the girl, Annie van Zuyl.


The notorious hurdle of the second novel Is briskly cleared here. Here again is the knowledge of aircraft and flying that distinguished Crash Programme, and here again is the overwhelming excitement which this author can generate. 

J.R. Daniels

Jeffrey Robert Daniels wanted to be a zoologist when he was a child, but decided there was not enough money in it. He specialised in science and mathematics at school and turned down a place at Cambridge ( Cambridgeshire, England ) to take up a scholarship at Bristol University ( South West, England ), where he read aero engineering. He then worked for the British Air Corporation but the demise of the TSR2 forced a change of interest to cars. 

As a motoring journalist, Jeffrey R. Daniels drove 50,000 miles a year and tested practically every production car. He has published articles under his own name and also many road test reports ( anonymous by tradition ). 

His special interests were music, gardening and philately. He said he was the right size for rugby ( 6 ft 2 in and 16 stone ) but that nevertheless his main sports were cricket and swimming. 

Jeffrey R. Daniels' works include Crash Programme and First Flight ( both published in 1973 )

( sources : Firegold, Wikipedia )

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