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Aviation Paintings

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84 pages - 1972 - Used, very good condition
This well - preserved book shows both impressionist paintings and drawings of Canadian aeroplanes and airmen during the world wars.


Book cover finish Perfect paperback
Used, very good condition
Number of pages 84
Published date
Language English
21 x 26 x 1 cm
Author Robert Francis Wodehouse
Editor National Museums of Canada


From the early flights of the Silver Dart and its aircraft at Baddeck and Petawawa in 1909, Canadians had had a hint of the part that aircraft would play in their military history, yet it was not until the close of the First World War that the first Canadian squadrons were formed. Meanwhile, Canadians by the thousands had flocked to the British air services ; and the Bishops and Collishaws, Barkers and McLeods left an imperishable record. Unfortunately, only a handful of war paintings illustrate their accomplishments, in contrast with the attention that was focused on the Canadian Corps. When a second global conflict again brought Canada to arms, this disproportion of attention was not repeated, and in most theatres of war where Canadian airmen served, Canadian artists were on hand to give their own vivid impressions of the men and their arms.
Robert Francis Wodehouse

Robert Francis Wodehouse ( January 29th, 1913 - ? ) was born in Port Arthur ( Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada ). 

He graduated from the University of Toronto ( Ontario ) with the Bachelor of Arts in 1934, and was granted the Certificate of International Studies at the London School of Economics ( London, England ) in 1936. 

Major R.F. Wodehouse joined the Canadian Army at the outbreak of the Second World War, serving in the United Kingdom, the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations and on Staff of Headquarters, First Canadian Army in Northwest Europe. He received the M.B.E. for services in Photographic Interpretation, and in 1945 was nominated to a Canadian War Staff Course at the Royal Military College of Canada ( R.M.C., Kingston, Ontario ). 

In January 1962 he left the Army to join the National Gallery of Canada as Curator of the War Collections, where he published A Check List of the War Collections in 1968. The Collections have remained under his care since their transfer to the Canadian War Museum of the National Museum of Man in November 1971. 

( sources : Aviation Paintings, Wikipedia )

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