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Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, VOLUME 6 ( 1945 )

Product image 1Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, VOLUME 6 ( 1945 )
Product image 2Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, VOLUME 6 ( 1945 )
Product image 3Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, VOLUME 6 ( 1945 )
Product image 4Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, VOLUME 6 ( 1945 )
Product image 5Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, VOLUME 6 ( 1945 )
Product image 6Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, VOLUME 6 ( 1945 )
Product image 7Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, VOLUME 6 ( 1945 )
Product image 8Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, VOLUME 6 ( 1945 )
Product image 9Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, VOLUME 6 ( 1945 )
Product image 10Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, VOLUME 6 ( 1945 )

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85 pages - 1979 - Used, mint condition
This book - which contains beautiful three - view line drawings and photographs as well - is a huge encyclopaedia that depicts the aircraft of fighting powers during the Second World War.


Book cover finish Canvas finish, Bradel, Hardcover ( square back binding )
Special features Dust jacket, Reprint ( Facsimile Edition )
Condition Used, mint condition
Number of pages 85
Published date 1979
Language English
Collection / Series Aircraft of the Fighting Powers
Size 23 x 29 x 2 cm
Author Owen Thetford
Editor Argus Books Limited



Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, published in seven volumes between 1940 and 1947, marked a unique step in aeronautical publishing by recording through text, photographs and constant one - seventy - second scale three - view drawings, a complete record of all the fighting aircraft which took part in the Second World War. Long since out of print and much sought after by collectors, the enterprise of Argus Books has now answered public demand by making the volumes once again available to enthusiasts in facsimile form.


( ... ) The range of aircraft covered by the Aircraft of the Fighting Powers books is, in retrospect, quite staggering. No less than 542 aircraft were included in all seven volumes. There were 87 in Volume 1, 88 in Volume 2, 80 in Volume 3, 76 in Volume 4, 70 in Volume 5, 72 in Volume 6 and 69 in Volume 7. The countries covered included The United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, Japan, Italy, Australia, Canada, Russia, the Netherlands, East Indies, Belgium, Greece, Yugoslavia, Iraq, France, Poland and Vichy France. Not only first - line operational aircraft are included, but transport, training and support types and occasionally a vastly interesting and new design, but which in the event did not see service and is now of even greater historical interest.


( ... ) A full index of the aircraft types included appears in each volume. In the 1939 - 1945 conflict the " state of the art " went all the way from Gladiator and Swordfish, through Tempest and Mustang and on to the birth of jet aircraft, illustrating just how powerful an incentive war can be in accelerating technological progress.


( ... ) ... Volume 6 runs from the R.A.F.'s first jet fighter, the Meteor III to the Luftwaffe's Messerschmitt Me 262... ( ... )


Owen Thetford

Owen G. Thetford ( 1923 - ? ) was born in Cheshire ( England ). As a schoolboy he was an omniverous reader of such magazines as Flying Aces, Popular Flying and collected Jane's All the World's Aircraft for which publication he later came to work when Leonard Bridgman was Editor.

He published his first book when still matriculating and thereafter followed a career as an aviation author and editor. As an editor, he was associated with the old Air Review magazine where he did feature articles on such subjects as flying with the Eighth Air Force in Flying Fortresses, the U.S. Navy in Devonshire, the re - opening of Railway Air Services from Croydon to Glasgow with Dakotas, when civil airlines started up again after the Second World War, as well as book reviews, aviation film reviews, and for the Aero - modeller, the famous series Aircraft Described and Monthly Memoranda which pioneered writing ( now commonplace ) about such subjects as aircraft serial numbers squadron code letters and camouflage finishes.

Apart from writing the complete text and doing all the picture research for the currently re - published Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, Owen G. Thetford is also the author of the currently standard works Aircraft of the Royal Air Force Since 1918, British Naval Aircraft Since 1912, and German Aircraft of the First World War ( with the late Peter Gray ). He also wrote Camouflage 1914 - 18 Aircraft, Camouflage 1939 - 42 Aircraft - both very rare and sought after titles nowadays - and collaborated with the late E.J. Riding on Aircraft of the 1914 - 18 War, published in 1946 and reprinted in 1954.

Apart from his work as an aviation author, Owen G. Thetford works professionally as an Advertising Director. His other interests include collecting modern novels, modern jazz, cinema, theatre and ballet.

( source : Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, VOLUME 7 - 1946 )

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