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29 issues for 100 euros. This is a magazine of the famous British publication AFTER THE BATTLE.


30 x 21 x 8 cm
Book cover finish
Published date
1980 - 1998
Language English
Conditions VG
Publisher Battle of Britain Prints International Ltd


After the Battle is a military history magazine published quarterly in the United Kingdom by Battle of Britain Prints International Limited. After the Battle was first published in 1973, and appears on the 15th of February, May, August and November each year. The editor - in - chief since 1973 is Winston Ramsey, assisted by his co - author Gail Parker Ramsey.
The magazine deals with the Second World War in a ’ then and now format ’. Articles are illustrated by historical photographs matched with a modern - day photograph of the identical scene to show how much ( or how little ) things have changed. Most issues feature a major article on a specific subject, with several smaller articles. All areas of the world are written about. There are also occasional features on related subjects such as war films, vehicle preservation and war memorials.

29 issues for 100 euros

1980 No. 28.

1982 No. 37.

1991 No. 72. No. 73.

1992 No. 75. No. 76. No. 77. No. 78.
1993 No. 79. No. 80. No. 81. No. 82.
1994 No. 83. No. 84. No. 85. No. 86.

1995 No. 88. No. 89. No. 90.
1996 No. 91. No. 93. No. 94.

1997 No. 95. No. 96. No. 97. No. 98.

1998 No. 99. No. 100. No. 101.

29 issues for 100 euros

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