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Details, specifications, photographs and silhouettes of all important types of helicopters built in the world.


Book cover finish Perfect paperback
Special features First edition
Condition Very Good
Number of pages 64
Published date 1960
Languages English
Size 12 x 18 x 0.5 cm
Author John W.R. Taylor


Details, specifications, photographs and silhouettes of all important types of helicopters built in the world.


It is five years since the last edition of ABC Helicopters was Published I In that time the helicopter has made tremendous progress, to the extent that it has not only become firmly established as a transport vehicle but has even replaced fixed-wing aircraft for some military duties, such as carrier-based anti-submarine work. There have been big technical changes, too. As well as the simple helicopters of a few years ago, we now have convertiplanes of a dozen different kinds. The autogyro is making a big come-back, and we have a whole new generation of strange hovercraft, ground-cushion vehicles, flying jeeps and similar machines which never seem quite able to make up their minds whether they are aircraft, motor cars or ships.


So far as possible, we have included them all in this book, and the result is by far the most comprehensive coverage of helicopters and other VTOL aircraft ever published.

John W.R. Taylor

John William Ransom Taylor O.B.E., Hon. D.Eng., F.R.Ae.S., F.R.Hist.S., A.F.I.A.A. ( June 8th, 1922 - December 12th, 1999 ) was educated at Ely Cathedral Choir School ( King's School, Ely ) and Soham Grammar School ( both in Cambridgeshire, England ).

He trained as a draughtsman and joined Hawker Aircraft in 1941. There he worked on the development of the Hurricane fighter and its successors. His specialisation was rectifying design defects.

He joined Jane's as Editorial Assistant on Jane's All the World's Aircraft in 1955 and four years later he took over as Editor. Until the late 1960's he edited this volume with virtually no editorial support but his love of aviation was such that this was a challenge he enjoyed.

He retired as Editor in 1989, just as the Iron Curtain obscuring the Soviet Bloc's technology started to lift. John W.R. Taylor, who lived to the age of 77, was a master of a parallel art to Kremlinology, he could deduce the performance of Soviet military equipment from blurred photographs.

( source : Wikipedia )

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