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Duke Hawkins’ MiG-31 Foxhound book

In just over three years since the series started, 16 books have been published by HMH Publications. One of the best selling ones is the 116-page book on the MiG-31 Foxhound and how it got to be published is actually exemplary for the concept. The basis for the entire series is an unbridled passion for aviation. And the great thing is, it’s universal. Today, the books in the Duke Hawkins series have found their way to all corners of the world, from all over Europe to the Far East, the US, Australia and Uruguay, even to the vast emptiness of Siberia. And this is where we pick up the story of the MiG-31.


Having had the opportunity to make some photos of the MiG-31 at air shows in Russia, the idea formed to make a book on this awesome jet. The interceptor, which is currently the fastest fighter jet in the world – was especially interesting because of its elusiveness. Hardly any first hand information on the Foxhound existed, let alone close-up photography or images of the aircraft in maintenance – which are integral parts of any of Duke Hawkins’ books. And so the search began for people who could give insight on the jet. Like many others in the series, this book has been made with the help of pilots, ground crew personnel, navigators and mechanics. And it not only includes some stunning operational action – with impressive air-to-air photography only pilots can make - but also a close insight into the details of the aircraft itself.


A few weeks after the book was released, the editors received an e-mail with a photo from Russia with a fantastic endorsement. Maybe best to let the photo speak for itself.



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