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WW1 Aero is the authority on aircraft from the Pioneer era and the Great War. We bring together preeminent historians, artists, builders, modelers and enthusiasts to offer a one of a kind journal that covers all aspects of early aviation, as it was then and is now.


Format 27 X 21 cm
Nbr. de pages 144
Finition Agrafé
Année d’édition De 2007 à 2008
Langue English
Etat du livre Bon état
Editeur Leonard E Opdycke


Published with a rich history and a passion for vintage aeroplanes, WW1 Aero is the authority on aircraft from the Pioneer era and the Great War. We bring together preeminent historians, artists, builders, modelers and enthusiasts to offer a one of a kind journal that covers all aspects of early aviation, as it was then and is now. WW1 Aero not only includes topics ranging from flight simulation to current reproductions and restorations, but also offers readers rare original photos and drawings of machines both legendary and obscure, many coming from our own collection which was amassed over a fifty-year period. Step back in time and come face to face with the aeroplanes and the pilots that flew them... All within the pages WW1 Aero! Presentation from www.ww1aeroinc.org 


WW1 Aero #194 – November 2006
141 pages – Santos=Dumont No 14bs, dwgs; Gallaudet Pt 14b, dwgs; Caproni Ca.60, The Crash, Pt 2; Last Zeppelin Raid, dwgs; Building a Triplane; Aircraft (3 Bristol Fighters, new da Vinci glider, Nieuport XI monoplane; Papin-Rouilly; Austro-Hungarian aero workshops; The Face of War (photos); IDX; centerspread, model Ca.60 in flight; Museums/ Organizations (Junge collection, AAHS 50th Anniversary essay, Freeman’s Spad and other projects, Early Birds); Film (FLYBOYS); Models, and Models cont’d (Santos-Dumont 14bis dwgs); Historiography (definition and why, new Florida law re teaching American History); Drawings (Roland fuselage planking, original Alb D.III bulkhead, Zachach flyingboat, several burgess construction dwgs); Letters (Bob Banka & DOX 3-view, Paul Chapman on many things, Ron Moulton’s story; Jean Devaux on the Marchal raid; Colin Green on museums; Lighten Up! by Bill Hannan): Publications (so many good things!); W&D

WW1 Aero #195 – February 2007144 pages – Obituaries for Grosz & Somer; Octave Chanute (Tableau d’Aviation); 1913 Deperdussin Schneider racer (dwgs); Gallery; Gallaudet Pt 15, dwgs (Cruisers); Flying my OX5 a/c; Ernie Hall & Wright Aeroboat, dwgs; Luck in Combat, dwg (bullet-ridden Farman); Schelling’s restored JN-4H; Sikorsky’s 1920 prophecy; Museums/Organizations (NASM mission statements, 11th Annual Antique Aero Fly-In, Classic Fighters, New Zealand; Natl WWI Museum; Roger Freeman’s works; Owls Head Museum); centerspread (original Bleriot XI dwg); INDEX WW1 AERO #191-194; Aircraft (Petroelje’s Macchi M-V, Spad, Albatros D.Va); Times Tarmac (early photos Cole Palen); Drawings (Morane-Saulnier Type N, Bourcart, 1905 Ludlow, de Turcat-Mery Rougier, Zeppelin Cl.II); IDX; Film (DAWN PATROL RENDEZ-VOUS, FLYBOYS (cont’d); NOVA TV pgm on Santos=Dumont); Historiography; Models; Letters; Publications (Schiffer publication on e-mail); W&D

WW1 Aero #196 – May 2007
143 pages – Preston Watson’s Aeroplanes, dwgs; Breguet or Burgess-Collier at ORA, dwg; Gallaudet Pt 16A, the D-4, dwg; The War With Germany (Statistical Summary); Engels’ A Dream Gets Wings; Aircraft; Canterspread- Curtiss Triad in Flight; Drawings (several early Patent Dwgs); new computerized WWI air story; Gallery; Museums/Organizations (Century Aviation, Omaka’s Aviation Heritage, Roger Freeman’s works, cont’d, Koloman Mayrhofer, cont’d, WRAM Show, Curtiss Museum (new and old Americas); IDX (Bancroft, Henri Villard); Models (Pfalz dwgs- a study), Ray Williams’ 1/3 scale 80 LeRhone and Morane-Saulnier Type L; Publications; Film/DVD (Flight of the Triad); Letters (Seiser’s Johnson project); Historiography (Arthur Schlesinger on the subject); Times tarmac (early pilotless bombers; W&D

WW1 Aero #197 – August 2007
144 pages – Ed Column; W Wright letter to HH Arnold; Bleriot XI Drawings/ Puzzles; Olmstead prop dwgs; Brooks Aeroplanes; first Russian bombers; Film/DVD; Gallaudet Pt 16; D-4 (cont’d); Stasik bomber; Aircraft:Tim Plunkett’s Dr.I; Mayrhofer’s Albatros D.IIIs; Pinsent’s Nieuport 17; Beale’s Thomas Morse S4C; IDX; Pilot Reports: Fokker D.VII; DH.2; Centerspread painting Russell Smith’s Richthofen crash; Times Tarmac; Dwgs: Herring-Burgess; Green Biplane; Museums/Organizations: Omaka Aviation Heritage Ctr; Tetros-Plans d’Argenteuil; La Ferte Alais; Brussels Air Museum; Glenn H Curtiss Museum; Models; Gallery; Publications: Jack Hilliard on Capronis, Farmans; R Hallion on Schlachtflieger!; P Truesdell on British Single Seater Fighter Squadrons on the; B Hannan on Alberto Santos Dumont; T Polapink’s listing of model av mags; Historiography (H Johnson on Av History); Letters; W&D

WW1 Aero #198 – November 2007
128 pages – Ed & board column; Cody Wing Warp Control; Russian Air Flt ’14-’17; Alb DIII Repro; Gallaudet Story, Pt 17; US Navy Flamboyant Fish Boats; Antique Aero Fly-In; Linke-Hofmann Giant Machines; 1918 Air Service Camo Rpt; Sopwith Pup Restor; Bleriot XI in Latin Am Pt 1; Gallery; Old Rhinebeck Aeromarine 39-B; Case of the Curious Card; Zeppelin Down; Dawn Patrol Fly-In Dayton; IDX; Models; Times Tarmac; Aircraft; Board; Letters; Publications; W&D

WW1 Aero #199 – February 2008128 pages – Flying the Sopwith Pup – Interview with Dick and Matt King; Cole Palen’s Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome c. 1988, Five days with Cole and Rita Palen; Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum Petition filed with NYS; Bleriot XI in Latin America; Gallaudet story part 18 – A Potpourri; Cataloging your archival collection; The Many Faces of the Red Baron; A unique Flying Museum Project (Achim Engels); Bristol M.1C drawings and Aeronautical Inspection Directorate reports, 1917; Color photographs – Shuttleworth Bristol M.1C and Bristol F.2B photos; Michael O’Neal collection of paintings; pre-war aviation badge collection; Rhinebeck Aerodrome photos, Fokker-Team-Shorndorf photos; Fokker D.VII Project (J. Brooks), Fokker Dr.I project (J. Bruton), SPAD XIII (Zanardo); Models; Times Tarmac; ID-X; Drawings – 1911 Light Farman, 1916 Albatros Reconnaissance Biplane, 1916 L.V.G D.IX, 1917 L.V.G. C.VI; Letters; Reviews; Museums & Organizations; W&D

WW1 Aero #200 – May 2008
128 pages – Commemorative Issue Ed & Board on 200th Issue; ANTIQUE AIRPLANE ASSOCIATION (1 June 1961, Issue #1); WANTS & DISPOSALS (ANTIQUE AIRPLANE ASSOCIATION – WORLD WAR ONE CLUB (December 1961, Issue #1); WORLD WAR 1 AEROPLANES, Editor’s Column (October 1971, Issue #33); TURNBUCKLES (April 1973, Issue #40); BRUNING-FORSEMAN (sic) R Dreidecker (“POLL GIANT”) by Peter M. Grosz (April 1976, Issue #56); BRISTOL SCOUT D (3-view, Stan Brennan, 1975) (August 1976, Issue #58); COLE PALEN’S OLD RHINEBECK AERODROME (April 1977, Issue #62); FOKKER D.VIII WING & AIRFOILS by Charles R. Cash, Jr., (May 1980, Issue #79); FOKKER D.VIII Aerofoil Drawing by George Ballinger (May 1980, Issues #79); FOKKER D.VIII Aerofoil Drawing by Charles R. Cash, Jr., (May 1980, Issue #79); FACT & THE FOKKER D.VIII WING by Peter M. Bowers (May 1980, Issue #79); REINHOLD D. PLATZ & THE D.VIII REPRODUCTION by Ed Swearingen (May 1960, Issue #79); FOKKER D.VIII Cessna 172/D.VIII Drawing by Charles R. Cash, Jr., (May 1980, Issue #79); SANTOS=DUMONT DEMOISELLE 3-view by J. W. Batter, 1980 (October 1980, Issue #81); A MERCEDES… but which one? by Wally Batter (December 1982, Issue #92); a big bag of INSTRUMENTS by Wally Batter (December 1982, Issue #92); WORLD WAR 1 AEROPLANES (July 1984, Issue #100) EDITOR’S COLUMN; THAT FOKKER’S AN ALBATROS! by Wally Batter (December 1984, Issue #102); RAF BE.1 by Paul R. Hare (April 1988, Issue #119); HISTORIOGRAPHY by Leonard E. Opdycke (September 1988, Issue #121); ARCHIV: PETER M. GROSZ, ed, exhaust stacks (August 1990, Issue #129); ARCHIV: PETER M. GROSZ, ed, Manfred von Richthofen Gives Tony Fokker the Facts of Fighter Life, exhaust stacks Pt. II (November 1990, Issue #130); THE BRUNING-FORSTMANN (POLL) GIANT TRIPLANE cont’d (February 2000, Issue #167); COANDA 1910 Drawings (August 2002, Issue #177); EXTANT WRIGHT TYPES by Leonard E. Opdycke (February 2003, Issue #179); PFALZ D.XII Drawings by George H. Odenwaller (August 2006, Issue #193); auction notice Vin Fiz wing strut relic

WW1 Aero #201 – August 2008
128 pages – Ed & Board column; Financials 2007-2008; Gallaudet Story pt. 19 – the Curtiss HS-2L (R. Gordon); Thousand Miles on a Camel’s Back (T. Plunkett, Sopwith Camel); Grandad’s Wings (D. Bremner, Bristol Scout); Bristol M.1 tech. dwg list (D. Staha); Bldg Early-variant BE2a rudders (A. Willox); Fokker Dr.I project (J. Bruton); Rinaldi Camel project (R. Rinaldi); Engine dwgs: Hall-Scott A-7, Kirkham B-6, Curtiss OX; (reprint) Archiv Peter M. Grosz Fokker V.21, wooden fuselage D.VII’s, V.3; Farman IV Reconstruction (G. Galli); Gnome Antoinette photo, Sperry Aeroplane Stabilizer photo; W.I. Chambers Confidential Rpt re: Naval Ops; Aerobus postcard (K. Kort); Cartoon (L. Ionnitiu); Color Section: Artist Russell Smith 8 paintings; Pioneer Flt Mus Fokker Dr.I; Roger Freeman-built SPAD XIII; Mikael Carlson’s Fokker Dr.I; A.H.C.’s DH.2; Opdycke Bristol Scout; J. Petroelje’s Macchi M5; S.F. Cody photo; Tallmantz N.28; WW1 AERO cover #41; O. Kunhi drwg; M. Esch drwg; Models; WRAMs show; Time’s Tarmac; IDX; Drawings: Fokker D.III (J. Slottje); Halberstadt D.II & Pfalz D.XII (G. Odenwaller); Photographs: Sopwith Triplane noseovers, Sopwith Schneider Cup Racer, Curtiss Model F Flying Boat; Letters, Reviews Museums Orgs & Archives; W&D
WW1 Aero #203, May 2010  
FE2b Built by John McKenzie; Cock and Bull Stories That Worked (Dan San Abbott Column); Building a Set of Curtiss Jenny Wings; Fokker V.I – Towards an Understanding (Part 2); The Grose-Feary (Oakington) Monoplane (Part 1); George F. Myers – Helicopter Pioneer (Part 2); Reinventing the Liberty Cap (Part 2); 110 hp Le Rhône Rotary Engine in 3D (includes 3D model by Gerry Mos); Drawings: Original 110 Le Rhône factory drawings; Curtiss Canuck three view and wing / aileron drawings produced by Canadian Aeroplanes Limited; Museums & Organizations: 1909 Roe I Triplane Reproduction; British Aeroplane Production Turns 100 (A.V. Roe Celebration); Avro Type F Reproduction; Yankee Air Museum’s SPAD XIII Reproduction; Stow Maries Aerodrome; Golden Age Air Museum’s Curtiss Jenny Restoration; Aircraft: John McKenzie’s BE2b Project; The Aeroplane Collection’s Sopwith Snipe Project; Ivansek Pfalz D.XII Reproduction; Models; Aero Sim Flying (First Flight: The Wright Experience); From the Board (Including 2009 Financial Report) Publications; Letters
WW1 Aero #204, August 2010
101 Aeroplanes: The Exposure of Colonel Seely; Flying a Pup, Half-A-World Away (Fred Murrin Sopwith Pup); Military Service of Wing Commander Norman Herford Dimmock AFC; Alone Across the English Channel: America’s First Birdwoman – Harriet Quimby [1875-1912]; MOSI’s Roe I Triplane Replica (G-CFTF); Gas Bags, Dragons and Elephants – Part 1 (Dan-San Abbott Column); Fokker V.I – Towards an Understanding (Part 3); Air Museum Pioneer: The Roosevelt Field Historical Aviation Museum; Reinventing the Liberty Cap – Part 3; Identification X; Drawings: Liberty Engine Ignition Timing Diagram, Diagram of Liberty Engine Electrical Connections From “Air Publication 949, The 12-Cylinder Liberty Aero Engine, 400 H.P. – Air Ministry, February, 1924”, Dixie Magneto Drawings From “Instruction Bulletin: Dixie Magneto For Eight-Cylinder Engines – Airplane Models”, Herb Kelley Fokker V.I Drawings, Original Sopwith Factory GA Drawings: Sopwith Pup; Museums & Organizations: Early Birds Foundation Holland, RAF Museum’s Sopwith Dolphin, Biplanes & Zeppelins Air Show; Aircraft: Pierre Racette’s Bleriot XI-2 Reproduction, Jim Bruton’s Fokker Triplane Project, Fernand Saint-André’s Albatros D.V Project, Models, Aero Sim Flying (Wright Flyer Comparison: “First Flight: The Wright Experience” & “Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight”); From the Board; Publications; Wants & Disposals; Letters
WW1 Aero #205, November 2010  
Jim Appleby, The Elaborate Conception of Aerial Navigation in America: A Long Look Back at the Revoloidal Spindle Aeroport Experiments Conducted by Rufus Porter and Thomas Robjohn during the California Gold Rush; A Sopwith Camel Comes Back To Life; No Contest: The Military Aeroplane Competition of 1912 (Part 1); Fokker Triplane: Five Years In a Barn; Gas Bags, Dragons and Elephants (Part 2); Fokker V.I – Towards an Understanding (Part 4); Central Park Flying Field; Drawings: Charles Schultz Curtiss Model D, Sopwith Camel; Museums & Organizations: Military Aviation Museum Biplanes & Zeppelins Airshow; Aircraft: Bob Coolbaugh Curtiss Pusher, Pierre Racette / Marcel Deschamps Bleriot XI-2, Achim Engels Fokker D.VIII, The Aeroplane Collection Sopwith Snipe; Models; Aero Sim Flying; Historiography (by Leo Opdycke); Publications; From the Board; Wants & Disposals

WW1 Aero #206, February 2011
Royal Aeronautical Society Aeronautical Heritage Award to Muswell Manor; The Johnson Monoplane (History / Seiser reproduction); No Contest: The Military Aeroplane Competition of 1912 (Part 2); A Nose is a Nose is a Nose (S.E.5a); The Fokker-Flugzeugwerke Museum Plan: Third Time’s A Charm – The Blue Max Triplane Comes Home; Jenny Modifications at Hazelhurst Field; Drawings: Woseley Viper engine, S.E.5a GA drawings for various powerplants, radiator shutters, propellers, front fairings; Museums & Organizations: Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Sopwith Dolphin, San Diego Air & Space Museum Nieuport 11, Military Aviation Museum WW1 Hangar; Aircraft: Jack Kearbey Sopwith Pup, Achim Engels Fokker E.III, Andrew Willox BE2a, Herbert Seiser Fokker Spin, Models; Aero Sim Flying (FSX S.E.5a & Sopwith Camel); Publications; From The Board
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