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176 pages - 1977 - Used, very good condition
This magnificent book describes various aeroplanes used by the Luftwaffe during the Second World War.


Book cover finish Hardcover ( square back binding )
Special feature Dust jacket
Condition Used, very good condition
Number of pages 176
Published date 1977
Language English
Size 22 x 29 x 2 cm
Author Eric Brown
Editor Pilot Press Limited


I have spent almost 10 years of my life in Germany and I count them amongst the most exciting in a life which has, for me, been crammed full of excitement. As a boy addicted to aviation, I had the extraordinary good fortune to be introduced to the exhilaration of aerobatics by that great German Ace Ernst Udet and I recall with absolute clarity witnessing that famous demonstration of helicopter potential by Hanna Reitsch in Berlin's Deutschlandhalle ; two events that left indelible impressions on my thoroughly conversant with the language of this remarkably aviation - minded nation.


( ... ) The Second World War broke upon my life like a thunderbolt. I was bundled unceremoniously out of Germany, called up by the Royal Air Force and found myself in the Fleet Air Arm all within a couple of months. It all seemed a glorious adventure and, despite my many German friends, I entertained no misgivings about fighting Germans as long as they were in the air. My first operational posting as a fighter pilot and while I regretted that I had had no opportunity to fly German aircraft, I consoled myself with the thought that I would soon have an opportunity to find out if they were as good as they appeared to be.


I was to be doubly fortunate - both to have the experience of aerial combat and to survive it. Fate was to be even kinder to me when I moved into the world of test flying, eventually, in January 1944, to become the Royal Navy's Chief Test Pilot at the famous Royal Aircraft Establishment ( R.A.E. ) at Farnborough, where I was to serve for six years and command the élite Aerodynamics Flight, always regarde as the top job in experimental test flying in Britain.


( ... ) During my first year at Farnborough, I built up a considerable amount of experience in flying different types of aircraft, including a half - dozen captured German types, and the R.A.E. decided to make use of my knowledge of the German language in preparing teams of scientists that would move in to take over German installations and interrogate German technical personnel once the war was won. Altogether, I was to fly 55 different types of German aircraft, mostly at Farnborough, but quite a number of them in Norway, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Germany itself. The very fact that these aircraft had belonged to the enemy endowed them with an aura of utter fascination and consequently I took copious notes of my impressions. It is the distillation of these notes relating to the principal ex - Luftwaffe aircraft that I flew that provides the content matter of the pages that follow.

Eric Brown

Captain Eric Melrose " Winkle " Brown, C.B.E., D.S.C., A.F.C., Hon. F.R.A.e.S., R.N. ( January 21st, 1919 - February 21st, 2016 ) was born in Leith, near Edinburgh ( Scotland ). 

He was a British Royal Navy officer and test pilot who flew 487 types of aircraft, more than anyone else in History. He was also the most - decorated pilot in the history of the Royal Navy. 

Eric Brown holds the world record for the most aircraft carrier deck take - offs and landings performed ( 2.407 and 2.271 respectively ) and achieved several " firsts " in naval aviation, including the first landings on an aircraft carrier of a twin - engined aircraft, an aircraft with a tricycle undercarriage, a jet - propelled aircraft, and a rotary - wing aircraft. He also flew almost every category of Royal Navy and R.A.F. aircraft : glider, fighter, bomber, airliner, amphibian, flying boat and helicopter. 

During the Second World War, he also flew many types of captured German, Italian, and Japanese aircraft, including new jet and rocket aircraft. He was a pioneer of jet technology into the postwar era. 

Eric Brown wrote several books about his experiences, including ones describing the flight characteristics of the various aircraft he flew and an autobiography, Wings on My Sleeve, first published in 1961 and considerably up - dated in later editions. He was also the author of dozens of articles in aviation magazines and journals ( such as the best - known series Viewed from the Cockpit ). 

( source : Wikipedia )

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