Product image 1WARPLANES OF THE WORLD, 1918 - 1939
Product image 2WARPLANES OF THE WORLD, 1918 - 1939
Product image 3WARPLANES OF THE WORLD, 1918 - 1939
Product image 4WARPLANES OF THE WORLD, 1918 - 1939
Product image 5WARPLANES OF THE WORLD, 1918 - 1939
Product image 6WARPLANES OF THE WORLD, 1918 - 1939
Product image 7WARPLANES OF THE WORLD, 1918 - 1939
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192 pages - 1981 - Used, good condition
Well - illustrated with photographs, this reference book describes the warplanes developed and manufactured all around the world during the Interwar period.


Book cover finish Canvas finish, Hardcover ( square back binding )
Special feature Slightly damaged dust jacket
Condition Used, good condition
Number of pages 192
Published date 1981
Language English
Size 15 x 22 x 2 cm
Author Michael J.H. Taylor
Editor Ian Allan Ltd


It is natural for the uninformed aviation observer to see the interwar years as dull and uneventful - merely a lull between two periods of intense excitement and development. However, as Warplanes of the World 1918 - 1939 shows, this was far from the case. There was a constant need for military aircraft all over the world during this politically unstable period and new methods of combat were needed and developed from Afghanistan to the Civil War in Spain.


Technically, as well, the period 1918 - 1939 was far from stagnant. Indeed, it should be remembered that many important changes in structure and configuration took place during these decades - the manufacturing material of many military aircraft changed from wood to metal, cockpits became enclosed, undercarriages became retractable. By the time that the Second World War started the appearance and performance of military aircraft differed radically from that of the First World War machines - and it is worth remembering that the world's first jet aircraft, the Heinkel He 178, flew in this period.


Another innovation which was to have far - reaching effects was the introduction of the aircraft carrier. Great Britain commissioned the first carriers with a flush deck and the first off - set island structure - H.M.S. Argus and H.M.S. Eagle - and in September 1922 the Americans launched their first carrier - the U.S.S. Langley. The Japanese followed suit with Hoshe in December of the same year. Ironically it was the British who taught the Japanese torpedo bombing - the lessons were put to practical use in 1942 at the battles of Midway and the Coral Sea.


Warplanes of the World 1918 - 1939 is part of Ian Allan's comprehensive reference book coverage of military aircraft from 1914 to the present day and provides an important link in the chain of aircraft development. ( ... ) The book makes this possible and provides a lucid, compact and authoritative reference book. 

Michael J.H. Taylor

Michael John Haddrick Taylor ( December 6th, 1949 ) is one of Britain’s most prolific authors. He began his meteoric writing career at the remarkably young age of 19, when a major publisher gave him the opportunity to contribute to a world - famous yearbook. Soon he was writing two, three and even four books a year under his own name, allowing his work to reach a much wider audience. This prestigious output of aero - space and other books exceeded 100 titles by the year 2000, gaining him five - star reviews and multi - million sales, with many translations to satisfy worldwide demand. 

In a major shift, and after producing three internationally acclaimed one - million - word books, in 2003 he gave up his previous writing genre to become a full - time novelist. His home, a converted Victorian school in a picturesque Somerset village, gave him initial inspiration to write historical novels based on areas of the West Country made famous in Thomas Hardy classics. Then, after completing his third historical novel in 2009 to form a trilogy, he changed to modern storylines for his later novels. 

Michael J.H. Taylor has published several books about aviation, such as : Missiles of the world ( with John W.R. Taylor, 1972 ), Encyclopedia of aircraft ( with John W.R. Taylor, 1978 ), Milestones of flight ( with David Mondey, 1983 ), The world's strangest aircraft ( 2001 ), The Times aviators : a history in photographs ( 2005 ). 

( sources : Austin Macauley Publishers, worldcat.org )

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