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Thirty Seconds OVER TOKYO

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181 pages - 1944 - Used, acceptable
Written by one of the main actors, this book will tell you about the famous raid over Tokyo ( 1942 ), which was conducted by B - 25s… taking off from aircraft carriers !!!


Book cover finish Perfect paperback
Condition Used, acceptable
Number of pages 181
Published date
11 x 17 x 1 cm
Author Captain Ted W. Lawson


This first hand account of the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo is one of the greatest stories of American bravery and ingenuity that has ever been written. More than that, it is  a unique  tribute to the teamwork among the United States Air Force, Army and Navy, and an unforgettable reminder of a debt that we owe to our Chinese allies. The lenghts to which Chinese peasants went to save the American airmen from their Japanese pursuers and to deliver them to safety beggar description.
Captain Ted W. Lawson

Major Ted William Lawson ( March 7th, 1917 - January 19th, 1992 ) was born in Alameda ( California, United States ). He attended Los Angeles City College ( East Hollywood, Los Angeles ) in 1937 - 1938. In March 1940, he joined the U.S. Army Air Corps as an Aviation Cadet, while a student studying Aeronautical Engineering by day and working nights in the Drafting Department of Douglas Aircraft Company. Ted W. Lawson received his pilot's wings and commission as a Second Lieutenant on November 15th, 1940. 

In early 1942, First Lieutenant Lawson was flying antisubmarine patrols with the 17th Bomb Group out of Pendleton ( Oregon, United States ). He was accepted as a volunteer for the mission led by Lieutenant Colonel James Harold " Jimmy " Doolittle ( 1896 - 1993 ) to bomb Tokyo and several other cities in Japan. Launched from the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Hornet and after having bombed the target, Ted W. Lawson crashed his B - 25 Mitchell ( " The Ruptured Duck " ) off the coast of the small island of Nantien ( China ). 

All five crew members survived the crash, but Ted W. Lawson was suffering from a compound fracture of the left leg, a lacerated left bicep and severe facial injuries. After both repatriation and medical care ( amputation of his injured leg and facial reconstruction ), he served as Liaison Officer at Santiago, Chile ( May 1943 - April 1944 ). Major Ted W. Lawson was retired from service on February 2nd, 1945. 

( source : Wikipedia )

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