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560 pages - 1975 - Used
This rare and wonderful book - which contains photographs, maps, line drawings and detailed text tables - will take the reader into the exciting world of speed racers and the men who handled them.


Book cover finish Canvas finish, BRADEL, Hardcover ( square back binding )
Special features First edition, Damaged dust jacket
Conditions Used
Number of pages 560
Published date 1975
Language English
Size 26 x 29 x 3 cm
Author Thomas G. Foxworth
Editor Macdonald and Jane's


This is a book about aeroplanes and speed - the lure of la vitesse pure, its challenge and mystique - but primarily it is a book about the men who were inspired by speed's insistent call. Although it is a story about men's successes it does not neglect their failures, which were sometimes dramatic, occasionally fatal, but always instructive.


( ... ) The Speed Seekers documents a technological growth, together with its myriad sources, which fostered results in terms of increasing speed unequaled in any similar time span up until the birth of the jet age. During the turbulent inter - war years the world speed record became very much a matter of national prestige and the air races of that period are still remembered with reverence today.


( ... ) With its unique tables of aircraft and engine performance data complementing scrupulously researched text, this extensively illustrated book is a magnificent chronicle of one of aviation's brightest eras.

Thomas G. Foxworth

Thomas Gordon Foxworth ( November 11th, 1937 - September 26th, 1994 ) was born in Summit ( New Jersey, United States ). 

He graduated from Princeton University ( Princeton, New Jersey ) on a Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps scholarship. From 1959 to 1965, he was a Navy aviator, principally flying anti - submarine Grumman Trackers. 

In 1965, Thoms G. Foxworth became a commercial airline pilot. He flew for Pan American until 1986, operating out of New York City ( New York, United States ) and then West Berlin ( Germany ) before moving to Woodbridge ( Virginia, United States ) in 1982. 

From 1986 until he retired because of illness in January, Thomas G. Foxworth was a United Airlines pilot. At retirement, he was Senior Captain of United's Boeing 767 fleet, flying primarily to Europe. For nine years, he represented airline pilots on the airworthiness panel of the International Civil Aviation Organization of the United Nations. 

From 1988 to 1994, he served on the Virginia Aviation Commission. He also was a volunteer with several committees and panels on aviation - related issues, including air safety and evaluation of new procedures. In 1975, he became one of fewer than 200 airline pilots to receive the Scroll of Merit from the International Federation of Airline Pilot Associations. 

Thomas G. Foxworth wrote more than 100 professional papers and articles. He also wrote Passengers ( with Mike Laurence, 1983 ). 

( source :, Wikipedia )

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