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148 pages - 1999 - New
Well - illustrated with photographs and maps, this amazing book traces the adventurous flight made a Boeing B - 314 flying boat and her crew in early December 1941 ( New Zealand - United States ).


Book cover finish Canvas finish, Headband, Bradel, Hardcover ( square back binding )
Special features First edition, Dedicated copy, Dust jacket, Original edition ( O.E. or Or.E )
Condition New
Number of pages 148
Published date 1999
Language English
Size 16 x 24 x 2 cm
Author Ed Dover
Editor Paladwr Press, Inc.


No single individual flight by a commercial airplane has been as adventurous as the one undertaken by Captain Robert Ford and his crew when, on " the day that shall live in infamy " ( the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 ), he was instructed to return to the United States from Auckland, New Zealand, as best he could.


Unable to fly eastwards across the Pacific via Honolulu, he had to go the other way around, and this entailed a route westwards across Australia, then through southeast and southern Asia, across Arabia and Africa, and finally traversing the South Atlantic to Brazil, and home to New York.


The Boeing B - 314 flying boat was, for its time, a big ship ; and although some of the ports of call had serviced the British Imperial Airways aircraft, nothing as big as the Boeing had been seen before. This led to certain technical difficulties, such as the absence of spare parts, while, with a war being waged in full force in the Dutch East Indies, there were problems of aircraft recognition.


( ... ) The author heard the story first - hand from Captain Ford, whose family has given its blessing to his account of the epic flight, with Ford's son writing the Foreword. The author has written a fine account, almost as though he was part of the crew ; and readers will almost feel that they were adventurous passengers. 

Ed Dover

The biography will be soon available.

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