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352 pages - 1987 - New
Well - illustrated with maps and photographs, this wonderful book is the complete story of the most famous flying boats : the Consolidated PBY Catalina.


Book cover finish Canvas finish, Headband, Hardcover ( square back binding )
Special features Dust jacket, Reprint ( Second printing, with corrections )
Condition New
Number of pages 352
Published date 1987
Language English
Size 16 x 24 x 2 cm
Author Roscoe Creed
Editor Naval Institute Press


The greatest of all flying boats, the PBY Catalina was one of the most versatile aircraft ever built. Yet, until thepublication of this book, a single definitive study of the plane has not been available. Now all the fascinating facts about the PBY are pulled together in one volume by an author who, enthralled with its unique design since childhood, breathes new life into its story.


The author skillfully weaves details of the plane's design, production, and development as a military and civilian aircraft together with thrilling descriptions of its varied missions during the Second World War, when it served all the Allies in both oceans.


He carefully analyzes the PBY's dual use in the war. As a plane of mercy, it was the hope of downed pilots, stranded evacuees, and those in need of supplies. As a bomber, it became a nemesis of enemy U - boats in the Atlantic and achieved fame through its Black Cat, or night bomber, prowls in the Pacific. The author also chronicles the plane's contributions in peacetime, for example, as a forest fire fighter, to carry the saga of this grand flying boat right up to the present. Nor does the author neglect the compelling human - interest angle to the story of this amazing machine. He makes full use of personal experiences of many ex - PBY pilots to help elaborate upon the aircraft's strengths and weaknesses.


For the thousands of crew members who flew the " Cat " in war and peace, this book provides a nostalgic look back at the PBY's long and brilliant career. For those of us not lucky enough to know the craft firsthand, it offers a close - up view not soon to be forgotten.


Modelers and others seeking explicit details on the PBY's design will find the wealth of technical data and line drawings in the appendixes invaluable. 

Roscoe Creed

The biography will be soon available.

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