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More Than a Pilot, tells of the struggles of his pioneering aviation company, World-Wide Airways Inc. Also gives fascinating accounts of flights accomplished by aviation giants of yesteryear.


Format 14 x 22 x 2,3 cm
Nbr. de pages 205
Finition Cartonné
Particularités Exemplaire dédicacé
Année d’édition 1985
Langue English
Etat du livre Bon état
Editeur Airlife Publishing Ltd., Shrewsbury, England


Aviation book
In his latest book Don McVicar gives a vivid account of the postwar period in Canadian and American aviation circles. War surplus aircraft abounded, to be bought and sold for a song; returning aircrew vied with each other and with governments for a slice of the action, but many of their newly founded enterprises went to the wall. Some, like the author's own WorldWide Aviation company, survived only by the ingenuity of their founders in discovering fresh corners of the market to exploit.
But More than a Pilot is not just a fastmoving account of a hectic worldwide market place. Don McVicar acknowledges the debt he, and we, owe to the pioneers of aviation, and he skillfully intertwines his personal narrative with fascinatingly detailed accounts of some of the flights made by the giants of yesteryear like Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart and Howard Hughes. Written in McVicar's inimitable style, this is a book every aviation enthusiast will enjoy.
 Don McVicar is a Canadian pilot. In 1943 became flight instructor and flying boat pilot in Ferry Command. Carried out first ever Polar Europe-Western Canada flights over the “Crimson Route.” In 1944 became an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for “Valuable Services in the Air” as described in his book North Atlantic Cat, published in 1983.
After serving as Chief Pilot for British West Indian Airways returned to Canada in 1945 and formed World-Wide Aviation Consulting which found jobs for many veterans. After the war became VE2WW and flew a Stinson floatplane in a fur trading venture in Labrador as told in A Change of Wings.
Expanded to World-Wide Aviation which ferried aircraft from North America to 39 countries around the globe. Also was first and only Canadian participant in Bendix speed dash as told in his book Mosquito Racer published in 1985.
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