Going away present

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This autographed watercolour, which is most definitely a going away present, represents three businessmen : one is flying a Tiger Moth over Great Britain, and the others are standing on the rooftop of a company building.


Auteur Unknown artist
Format 41,25 x 30,3 cm


Art object ( aviation )
This very watercolour has been made on a Sabena's advertising sheet. Three men have been caricatured by some friend or colleague who had some artistic temperament. The one seated in the Tiger Moth cockpit waves to someone while taking off, probably en route to Scandinavia ( according to the pennant hanging on at the base of the vertical stabilizer ). The two other men are standing on the rooftop of a company building ( Espley & Espley Advertising ), which stands on both sides of East Sussex and Kent border ( South East England, Great Britain ). Technically, the ’ artist ’ has traced the composition with a black felt - tip ( most probably India ink ), then he has applied the watercolour in fine layers.

Feature( s ) : Presented under glass. Frame size ( 43,275 x 32,5 x 1,5 cm ).

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