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This is a rare and unusual book, well - illustrated with many photographs, about the aircraft manufactured by Handley Page Limited between 1909 and 1949.


Format 29 x 23 x 1 cm
Nbr. de pages 96
Finition Reliure collée
Année d’édition 1949
Langue Anglais
Etat du livre Un petit peu abîmé
Auteur Authors’ collective


Aviation book
Sir Frederick Handley Page C.B.E., Hon. F.R.Ae.S.
Chairman and Managing Director, Handley Page Ltd.
HERE in the twentieth century, in the midst of this changing scene of scientific achievement and mechanical progress, it is difficult for us to gauge the place which our era will ultimately hold in the history of mankind. It may well be as great a time in the material achievement as that of the Greeks in speculative thought twenty - five centuries ago.
In no sphere of human activity has development been so rapid as in the art of flying. Less than fifty years ago, the Wright brothers made the first power - driven, controlled, mechanical flight. Today, not only has a new science been evolved, but also its principles have been developed and applied so that a third dimension of travel has been made available to the world at large and still offers new vistas of great future developments.
Through the past four decades of practical flying, run many stories of pioneer work done, of disappointments and successes, but, with it all, continuing progress. Here, in this book, is one story of the many which form the great picture as a whole. ( ... )
Authors’ collective

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