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Belgian Widebody Airliners

Product image 1Belgian Widebody Airliners
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About the widebody airliners registered in Belgium : Sabena Airlines aircraft, larger parcel carriers operated by DHL Airlines and TNT Airways and all the 'big birds' operated by several smaller independent Belgian carriers. 


Book cover finish Perfect paperback
Special features Original edition ( O.E. or Or.E )
Condition Used very good
Number of pages 172
Published date 2018
Collection / Series Airliners in Belgium
Belgian Aviation Yes
Size 21 x 29 x 1 cm
Author Bob Rongé
Editor Aviation Society of Antwerp vzw


Exactly 17 years ago the first BCARG Special was published covering the Belgian registered Boeing 707's.

In later issues we gave in-depth details about most Belgian registered and operated airliners. We also focused on Belgian designed aircraft as the Stampe SV.4 and the Tipsy Trainers.

For several years we reflected how to give more information on the widebody airliners that were registered in Belgium. This issue includes the last Sabena Airlines aircraft that never fitted into previous editions: the Boeing 747 and the Mc. Donnell Douglas DC.10.

But also the larger parcel carriers operated by DHL Airlines and TNT Airways are covered in this publication together with all the 'big birds' operated by several smaller independent Belgian carriers.

We invested several winter-months collecting, checking and double-checking information. We think most of the individual histories are rather complete, but additions are always very much appreciated. These will be published in our monthly magazine BCARG Newsletter.

This edition was not the work of one man ! - Dirk Buytaert is responsible for the lay-out from the first issue up to this latest - Thanks Dirk !

For this edition we had access to the very impressive collection of Georges Van Belleghem. A lot of pictures come from this source. We also like to thank Yves Deliens, Jan Mangelschots, Eric Nuyens and Wim Venken who allowed the use of photos from their private collection. I mentioned the names of the other photographers in the subtitles of their photos. Willem Rongé and Jan Schotmans did some proofreading.


April 2018

Aviation Society of Antwerp vzw 

The editor

Bob Rongé


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