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104 pages - 1956 - Old, like new
This book - which is well - illustrated with photographs and educational line drawings - is the fascinating biography of a skilful alpine pilot : Hermann Geiger.


Book cover finish Canvas finish, BRADEL, Hardcover ( rounded spine binding )
Special features First edition, Slightly damaged dust jacket
Condition Old, like new
Number of pages 104
Published date 1956
Languages English
Size 14 x 21 x 2 cm
Author Hermann Geiger


Landing an aeroplane high in the rarefied air of the Swiss Alps on a hump of snow only twenty - five yards wide, with a slope of thirty to forty degrees, framed by couloirs and crevasses and with a terrace forty yards ahead of touch down, can only described as a pilot's nightmare. To Hermann Geiger it was a challenge in a daily job of work, carrying supplies for the building of the Rossier hut on the Dent Blanche. To land in the white solitude of the Alps the touch down must succeed first time ; the short " runway " of snow is usually closed with rocks and insurmountable walls of ice, the scenery is firmly planted, and the glare of the snow falsifies distances and flattens out relief. If you damage the plane on landing, there are no mechanics, no ambulances, no help. Only a wilderness of icy mountains.


( ... ) Hermann Geiger was fascinated from his early years by the possibilities of using an aeroplane in the Swiss mountains. ( ... ) After years of experience in flying gliders and light aeroplanes over the mountains, he designed a means of dropping supplies from a canvas container fitted below the machine, and perfected a technique of delivering everything from timber to crockery on the sites of mountain huts under construction in the remote fastnesses of the Alps. ( ... ) No one has ever come nearer to perfecting the age - long aspiration of man - to fly like a bird.

Hermann Geiger

Hermann Geiger ( October 27th, 1914 - August 26th, 1966 ) was born in Sion ( Valais, Switzerland ). His love of flying began at the age of 10 when he went to an aviation club for the first time. He began working as a mechanic when he was 15 at a garage. He built his own glider and took gliding lessons as a young man. 

In 1940, Hermann Geiger trained to become a police officer, giving flying lessons in his spare time. He was the first man to land his plane on Kanderfirm, a 7,800 foot glacier in Switzerland. He modified his Piper plane with retractable metal skies, enabling him, after much practice, to land on glaciers and mountains where most would not dare. On July 16th, 1953, he also successfully landed on the summit of Monte Rosa glacier. 

Known as the " Eagle from Sion " or " King of Mountain Pilots ", Hermann Geiger was a world - renowned Gletscherpilot and one of the founders of the Swiss Air Rescue ( Rega ). He led more than 600 daring rescues with his single - engine Piper PA - 18 through the high mountains. 

On August 26th, 1966, he was flying with a student at the Sion airport when they collided with a glider. Hermann Geiger died from injuries as a result of the accident. 

( source : Wikipedia )

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