A Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.1 flying over hangars sheltering airships

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Printed by The Guild of Aviation Artists for the 1992 Exhibition, this fine poster depicts a Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.1 flying over hangars sheltering airships.


Format 59,3 x 42,1 cm
Auteur John Blake
Editeur The Guild of Aviation Artists
Année d’édition 1992


" The Aviation Paintings of the Year " is a major exhibition which takes place at the prestigious Mall Galleries in Central London ( England ), where over 400 works go on show. It is the largest exhibition of its kind in the world and admission is free.
This watercolour depicts a Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.1 in side view flying over a couple of hangars sheltering airships. The B.E.1 was ostensibly a rebuild of a Voisin biplane, powered by a 60 hp ( 45 kW ) water - cooled Wolseley engine ; however, the B.E.1 used only the engine and radiator from this machine, the radiator being mounted between the front pair of cabane struts.
The B.E.1 represented several firsts for aviation, including possibly being the first aeroplane to be outfitted with radio apparatus. It was first flown by de Havilland on December 4th, 1911. The aircraft was not flown again until December 27th, modified by the substitution of a Claudel carburettor in place of the original Wolseley, which allowed no throttle control.
( sources : Wikipedia, iwm.org.uk, flyingmachines.ru )
John Blake
John Blake was a Guild of Aviation artist, raconteur, historian and airshow commentator. ( ... ) He was heavily involved with the " Micks " ( Irish Guards ) in " Operation Market Garden " after his landing in Normandy on the beaches. After the war, and patched up as well as could be done, he attended the Glasgow School of Art where, having to change hands, he trained as an artist. This was a skill he was to use until very recently and which led to him becoming a Fellow of the Guild of Aviation Artists and a former Chairman of that Guild. ( ... ) He has published a couple of books about aviation, such as Early Airplanes ( 1974 ), 40 Years at Farnborough : S.B.A.C.'s International Aviation Showcase ( with Mike Hooks, 1990 ) and Flight : The Five Ages of Aviation ( 1991 ). ( sources : amazon, www.cahood.com )
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